WWE RAW Results: June 19, 2017

Who was finally revealed as the man behind the attacks on Enzo & Big Cass? Who made a surprise return with his sights set on finishing his unfinished business with Roman Reigns? What happened when Bray Wyatt came out to confront Seth Rollins? How did the RAW Women's Title picture become even more complicated? How did Dean Ambrose find himself at the mercy of The Miz and The Miz's new entourage? How did Finn Balor pay for upstaging Elias Samson?

WWE RAW Results: June 12, 2017

Who emerged from a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match as the RAW Tag Team Champions? What happened when Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe came face-to-face in the ring for the first time? How did Seth Rollins respond to Bray Wyatt costing him his match last week? How did Alexa Bliss find herself in a sea of contenders all looking for a shot at the RAW Women's Title? Who did Neville call out as his next challenger? How did Dean Ambrose humiliate The Miz yet again?

WWE RAW Results: June 5, 2017

How did Samoa Joe continue to establish himself as a legitimate threat to Brock Lesnar's Universal Championship? Who cost Seth Rollins a big main event match? How did Alexa Bliss survive Nia Jax with her title intact? How did Dean Ambrose infiltrate The Miz's celebration? How did Samoa Joe use Paul Heyman to send a message to Brock Lesnar? Who stepped in to assist Enzo Amore after Big Cass got taken out?

WWE RAW Results: May 29, 2017

Who emerged victorious when former teammates Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns went one-on-one? Who stole the win in a Triple Threat Match between Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, and Bray Wyatt? How did Alexa Bliss attempt to embarrass Bayley? How did Big Cass respond to Enzo Amore getting attacked backstage for the second week in a row? Who gained momentum heading into Extreme Rules when champions faced challengers in 6-Man Tag action?

WWE RAW Results: May 22, 2017

How did four of the five combatants in the Fatal 5-Way Extreme Rules Match fare as tag partners in the main event? How did The Miz send a message to Dean Ambrose ahead of Extreme Rules? Did Bayley take it to the extreme with Alexa Bliss? What stipulation did The Hardy Boyz pick for Extreme Rules? Who won the rubber match between Sasha Banks and Alicia Fox?

WWE RAW Results: May 15, 2017

Which Fatal 5-Way participant was left standing tall in the ring at the end of the night? How did a questionable decision by Dean Ambrose lead to a successful title defense? Who will compete in a Fatal 5-Way Match at Extreme Rules with a shot at the Universal Title on the line? How did Alexa Bliss show Bayley what extreme is all about? Which partnership and friendship was abruptly dissolved?

WWE RAW Results: May 8, 2017

How did The Miz get the better of Dean Ambrose ahead of their title match next week? How did Samoa Joe do everything in his power to put Seth Rollins back on the shelf? How did Alexa Bliss' new alliance with Nia Jax pay off for the champion? Who won Tag Team Turmoil to become the #1 Contenders for the RAW Tag Team Titles? How did Roman Reigns get some payback against Braun Strowman? With Kurt Angle not in London, who was in charge of RAW?

WWE RAW Results: May 1, 2017

How did The Miz take advantage of Finn Balor and Seth Rollins' respective unfinished business in a thrilling main event? What happened when Alexa Bliss took things too far when taunting Bayley? What did Cesaro & Sheamus have to say about their attack on The Hardy Boyz at Payback? How did TJP do the dirty work for his mentor Neville? What veiled warning did Bray Wyatt have for RAW General Manager Kurt Angle?

WWE RAW Results: April 24, 2017

How did Bray Wyatt lay waste to three of RAW's top Superstars in a clear message to Randy Orton ahead of Payback? How did Kalisto feel the wrath of Braun Strowman? Who helped Seth Rollins and Big Cass combat Samoa Joe and Gallows & Anderson? How did Alexa Bliss get the last laugh against Bayley before Payback? How did a one-on-one match between Matt Hardy and Sheamus nearly devolve into a brawl?

WWE RAW Results: April 17, 2017

How did a mammoth collision between Big Show and Braun Strowman result in the annihilation of the ring itself? What happened when The Miz crossed the line with his guest Dean Ambrose? Who won a Fatal 4-Way in her hometown to become the new #1 Contender for the RAW Women's Title? How did Braun Strowman reek havoc on the RAW locker room? What did Seth Rollins and Samoa Joe have to say to each other ahead of Payback? What message did Bray Wyatt have for Randy Orton before their House of Horrors Match?

WWE RAW Results: April 10, 2017

How did Chris Jericho get a piece of Kevin Owens ahead of their rematch at Payback? Which former WWE Champion now calls RAW his new home? How did RAW secure a championship in the Superstar Shake-Up? Which two former Women's Champions arrived on RAW? How did Braun Strowman do everything in his power to try and destroy Roman Reigns once and for all? How did Nia Jax make an impact on the RAW Women's Champion?

WWE RAW Results: April 3, 2017

How did Finn Balor make a surprise return on RAW? Who showed no fear in confronting new Universal Champion Brock Lesnar? What blockbuster announcement did WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon make? Who answered the open challenge of The New Day? Were The Hardy Boyz successful in their first defense of the RAW Tag Team Titles? How did the rowdy post-WrestleMania crowd react to Roman Reigns?

WWE RAW Results: March 27, 2017

How did Goldberg prove to Brock Lesnar that the Universal Champion may just have Brock's number? How did Seth Rollins show that, injury or not, he's going to do whatever it takes to get his redemption at WrestleMania? What eerie message did The Undertaker have for Roman Reigns before WrestleMania? How did Chris Jericho get the better of Kevin Owens as well as save Sami Zayn's job? Who was left standing tall with the RAW Women's Title belt after laying out her WrestleMania opposition? How did Gallows & Anderson make a statement at the expense of Enzo & Big Cass and Cesaro & Sheamus?

WWE RAW Results: March 20, 2017

How did The Undertaker send a clear message to Roman Reigns ahead of their match at WrestleMania? Who stood up for Mick Foley after Mick was savagely fired by Stephanie McMahon? What unique challenge did Triple H have for Seth Rollins? How did Stephanie McMahon punish the Superstars who showed their support for Mick Foley? Who got added to the RAW Women's Title match at WrestleMania?

WWE RAW Results: March 13, 2017

How did a confrontation between Seth Rollins and Triple H end with Triple H trying to end the career of Seth Rollins? Who did Mick Foley try to fire on RAW by order of Stephanie McMahon? Which WWE Hall of Famer made an unexpected appearance to confront Roman Reigns? What did Brock Lesnar's advocate Paul Heyman have to say regarding WrestleMania? Who will be this year's recipient of the Warrior Award at the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony?

WWE RAW Results: March 6, 2017

Who made an unexpected appearance on RAW and who confronted him to set up a huge match for WrestleMania? Who made an appearance on RAW to confront Goldberg? What happened when Chris Jericho demanded answers from Kevin Owens? How will Bayley find herself in an unenviable title defense at WrestleMania? How did Austin Aries make a statement at the expense of Neville?

WWE RAW Results: February 27, 2017

How did Roman Reigns find himself barely surviving another hellacious encounter with Braun Strowman? What did Goldberg and Kevin Owens have to say to each other before Fastlane? How did Seth Rollins find himself face-to-face with Triple H on RAW? How did Sami Zayn get a measure of revenge against Samoa Joe? Who did Charlotte Flair pick as her partner to face Bayley & Sasha Banks? Who was the latest inductee announced for the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame?

WWE RAW Results: February 20, 2017

How did Braun Strowman prove to Roman Reigns, as well as Big Show, that he is simply unstoppable? What did Kevin Owens have to say just one week after his heinous assault on Chris Jericho? How did Kevin Owens have an easy match against Sami Zayn thanks to Samoa Joe? Did guilt over her controversial title win lead to Bayley relinquishing the RAW Women's Title? Who was the latest inductee announced for the WWE Hall of Fame?

WWE RAW Results: February 13, 2017

Did Bayley hit the jackpot when she faced Charlotte Flair for the RAW Women's Title? How did the Festival of Friendship with Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho end in shocking fashion? Was Roman Reigns able to put a dent in the armor of Braun Strowman? Who became the latest victim of Samoa Joe? Who was the latest inductee announced for the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame?

WWE RAW Results: February 6, 2017

How did Braun Strowman lay waste to Roman Reigns on RAW? Who was Samoa Joe's first opponent as a member of the RAW roster? How did Chris Jericho get Kevin Owens into a potentially unwinnable situation at Fastlane? Was Chris Jericho able to retain the United States Title against Sami Zayn? How did Mick Foley quench Braun Strowman's thirst for competition at Fastlane? Did Goldberg accept Brock Lesnar's challenge for a match at WrestleMania?