WWE SmackDown LIVE Results: February 20, 2018

How did Baron Corbin send a clear message to his opponents at Fastlane? Who will challenge Bobby Roode for the United States Title at Fastlane? Was the team of Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, & Naomi enough to defeat The Riott Squad? Who became the #1 Contenders for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles at Fastlane? How did Sami Zayn prove his loyalty to Kevin Owens? How did tensions continue to rise between Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan?

WWE SmackDown LIVE Results: February 6, 2018

Who will challenge AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at Fastlane? How did Randy Orton catch everyone off-guard following the United States Title match? How did Charlotte Flair get a measure of revenge against The Riott Squad? Who were in the first ever SmackDown LIVE Top 10 List? What did Shane McMahon have to say regarding Daniel Bryan's decision-making?

WWE SmackDown LIVE Results: January 30, 2018

How did issues between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn lead to their downfall in the main event? Who won a Fatal 4-Way Match to earn a shot at the United States Title next week? What did Shinsuke Nakamura have to say after winning the Royal Rumble Match? How did a beatdown by The Riott Squad nearly pave the way for a new SmackDown Women's Champion? Who confronted The Usos after the champions declared themselves the best tag team in WWE?

WWE RAW Results: March 27, 2017

How did Goldberg prove to Brock Lesnar that the Universal Champion may just have Brock's number? How did Seth Rollins show that, injury or not, he's going to do whatever it takes to get his redemption at WrestleMania? What eerie message did The Undertaker have for Roman Reigns before WrestleMania? How did Chris Jericho get the better of Kevin Owens as well as save Sami Zayn's job? Who was left standing tall with the RAW Women's Title belt after laying out her WrestleMania opposition? How did Gallows & Anderson make a statement at the expense of Enzo & Big Cass and Cesaro & Sheamus?

WWE RAW Results: March 6, 2017

Who made an unexpected appearance on RAW and who confronted him to set up a huge match for WrestleMania? Who made an appearance on RAW to confront Goldberg? What happened when Chris Jericho demanded answers from Kevin Owens? How will Bayley find herself in an unenviable title defense at WrestleMania? How did Austin Aries make a statement at the expense of Neville?

WWE RAW Results: February 20, 2017

How did Braun Strowman prove to Roman Reigns, as well as Big Show, that he is simply unstoppable? What did Kevin Owens have to say just one week after his heinous assault on Chris Jericho? How did Kevin Owens have an easy match against Sami Zayn thanks to Samoa Joe? Did guilt over her controversial title win lead to Bayley relinquishing the RAW Women's Title? Who was the latest inductee announced for the WWE Hall of Fame?

WWE SmackDown Live Results: July 19, 2016

Was Dean Ambrose able to hang onto the WWE Championship heading into Battleground? Which brand snagged the WWE Champion as their #1 pick? Which formidable trio was broken up as a result of the WWE Draft? How did Kane put a temporary stop to the fighting between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn?

WWE RAW Results: July 18, 2016

How did the WWE Championship main event end in controversy? Who did Shane and Stephanie select as their respective General Managers? How did Darren Young pick up another improbable win? Who emerged from a huge 12-Man Tag match with some major momentum heading into Battleground?

WWE SmackDown Results: July 14, 2016

How did a one-on-one match between Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens turn into a wild tag team match? How did Zack Ryder facilitate an upset victory over his Battleground opponent? How did Charlotte respond to Sasha Banks beating his protege for a second time?

WWE RAW Results: July 11, 2016

Who did Vince McMahon select as the SmackDown Commissioner and the RAW Commissioner? How did the rivalry between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins get taken to new heights? Who emerged as the unexpected #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Title? What happened when The New Day visited The Wyatt Family compound?

WWE SmackDown Results: July 7, 2016

How did Kevin Owens prey on a vulnerable Sami Zayn? Who was revealed as Brock Lesnar's opponent at SummerSlam? How did Zack Ryder follow up a big win with an even bigger challenge? How did Dean Ambrose try to get under the skin of Seth Rollins?

WWE RAW Results: July 4, 2016

Who survived a huge 16-Man Elimination Tag Match pitting "Team USA" against "The Multi-National Alliance"? How did Dean Ambrose leave Seth Rollins laid out? What happened when Sasha Banks confronted Charlotte in the middle of the ring? Who came to the aid of John Cena in his battle against The Club?

WWE RAW Results: June 27, 2016

How did Seth Rollins get the better of the WWE World Heavyweight Champion? How did John Cena and AJ Styles cost the other a title shot at Battleground? How did Sami Zayn propose the end of his rivalry with Kevin Owens? How did Maryse help The Miz escape with his Intercontinental Title? How did The New Day set out to mock The Wyatt Family?

WWE RAW Results: June 20, 2016

How did Dean Ambrose offer himself up for a championship match at Battleground? How did AJ Styles prove to John Cena that his word is meaningless? Who emerged as the potential next challenger for the Women's Title? Who confronted The Wyatt Family after their return to RAW? How did Titus O'Neil get some payback against Rusev?

WWE SmackDown Results: May 5, 2016

How did Roman Reigns and AJ Styles bring their heated rivalry to the main event of SmackDown? How did Cesaro end up with The Miz's Intercontinental Title belt in his possession? How did Natalya send a message to Charlotte in tag team action? What happened when Big Cass confronted The Vaudevillains?

WWE RAW Results: May 2, 2016

How did Roman Reigns go to the extreme at the conclusion of RAW? Who won a battle royal to become the new #1 Contender for the United States Title? How did a #1 Contender's match end in controversy? How did Natalya get a measure of revenge against Charlotte and Ric Flair?

WWE Payback 2016 Results

After the championship match was restarted twice, who walked out of Payback as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion? How did Kevin Owens make an emphatic statement in two different matches? Who did Mr. McMahon choose to be in control of RAW and how did it affect the main event?