WWE RAW Results: December 26, 2016

How did Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins get the better of Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho again? Who did Braun Strowman terrorize this week and who tried to stop him? How did Charlotte Flair stack the deck against Bayley? Was The New Day able to regain the RAW Tag Team Titles from Cesaro & Sheamus? How did Neville send a clear message to Rich Swann?

WWE RAW Results: December 19, 2016

How did Braun Strowman make good on his threat to Mick Foley and who felt Braun's wrath? How will Chris Jericho be kept from interfering at the Royal Rumble? Who preyed on an injured Sasha Banks? How did Bayley solidify herself as the next contender for the RAW Women's Title? How did Neville explain his attack on Rich Swann and T.J. Perkins? How did sensitivity training turn into Enzo Amore's destruction?

WWE RAW Results: December 12, 2016

Was The New Day able to overcome two Triple Threat Tag Matches, including the main event against two main event teams, to secure the longest reign as tag team champions of all-time? How did the friendship between Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho go from fragile to broken and who was left standing tall? How did the crafty Mick Foley manage to keep Sami Zayn from going to SmackDown? How did Jack Gallagher get a measure of revenge against Ariya Daivari?

WWE RAW Results: December 5, 2016

How did Charlotte again humiliate her father and administer a sickening assault on Sasha Banks? How did Kevin Owens inadvertently cost Chris Jericho the United States Title? How did one of Kevin Owens' presents for Chris Jericho end up backfiring? How did Rusev & Lana ruse Enzo Amore into a hotel room assault? Who became the new #1 Contenders for the RAW Tag Team Titles?

WWE RAW Results: November 28, 2016

Who walked out as RAW Women's Champion after a grueling Falls Count Anywhere main event? Who emerged as the new #1 Contender for the WWE Universal Title at Roadblock? How did tensions rise between Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho? How did Seth Rollins get a measure of revenge against Chris Jericho? Was The New Day able to keep their historic reign as RAW Tag Team Champions intact? Why did Sami Zayn get in the face of Mick Foley?

WWE RAW Results: November 21, 2016

How did blatant rule-breaking lead to Kevin Owens leaving Toronto as the WWE Universal Champion? What blockbuster announcement did Goldberg have to kick off RAW? How did The New Day manage to hang onto the RAW Tag Team Titles? What was Sami Zayn's punishment for losing at Survivor Series? How did Sasha Banks make a statement before her rematch for the RAW Women's Title next week?

WWE RAW Results: November 14, 2016

What happened when Team RAW came face-to-face with Team SmackDown LIVE before Survivor Series this Sunday? What went down between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar in their face-to-face confrontation? Was Team RAW able to keep it together after being forced to face off against each other?

WWE RAW Results: November 7, 2016

How did Kevin Owens pick up an accidental victory in the main event? Who earned the right to face Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Title at Survivor Series? Who was revealed as the fifth member of Team RAW for the Men's 5-on-5 Match at Survivor Series? Who filled out the women's team at Survivor Series? Which Cruiserweight made his RAW debut in front of his home country?

WWE RAW Results: October 31, 2016

Who unexpectedly came to the aid of Roman Reigns to fend off Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho? How did Goldberg prove that he is still as explosive as ever? Who became a part of Team RAW at Survivor Series? How did Charlotte 'test' her Team RAW teammate Bayley? How did Enzo & Big Cass embarrass Gallows & Anderson in a Trick or Street Fight?

WWE RAW Results: October 24, 2016

How did Kevin Owens try to take Seth Rollins out before WWE Hell in a Cell? What happened when Sasha Banks and Charlotte were in the same ring to make their Hell in a Cell match official? How did Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman respond to Goldberg? How did Curtis Axel attempt to get revenge against Bo Dallas in his hometown? What did Roman Reigns and Rusev have to say before they enter Hell in a Cell this Sunday?

WWE RAW Results: October 17, 2016

What did Goldberg have to say regarding Brock Lesnar after 12 years way from WWE? How did Seth Rollins try, and possibly succeed, in driving a wedge between Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho? What did Sasha Banks and Charlotte have to say about making history at WWE Hell in a Cell? How did Rusev unleash hell on Roman Reigns before their Hell in a Cell match in two weeks?

WWE RAW Results: October 10, 2016

How did Seth Rollins ensure that Kevin Owens would have no help inside Hell in a Cell? How will Sasha Banks and Charlotte make history again come WWE Hell in a Cell? What did Paul Heyman have to say in response to comments made by Goldberg? How did Gallows & Anderson continue to terrorize the tag team division?

WWE RAW Results: October 3, 2016

In a rematch for the RAW Women's Title, was Sasha Banks able to overcome Charlotte to become a two-time champion? How did Seth Rollins cost Jeri-KO a potential shot at the RAW Tag Team Titles? How will the feud between Roman Reigns and Rusev end in hellacious fashion come WWE Hell in a Cell? How did Brian Kendrick stake his claim on another shot at the Cruiserweight Title?

WWE RAW Results: September 26, 2016

How was Seth Rollins kept from getting revenge against Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho? Who faced the best friends in an impromptu tag team main event? How did a rematch between Roman Reigns and Rusev end in a brawl? What was Mick Foley's unique solution to the inconclusive end to the Best of Seven Series? Who will get a one-on-one match for the RAW Women's Title next week?

WWE RAW Results: September 19, 2016

Who survived a Steel Cage rematch between Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns? How did Seth Rollins leave an impact after the match? How did Cesaro find himself 3-3 against Sheamus in their Best of Seven Series? How did Mick Foley change the RAW Women's Title match at Clash of Champions? How did Brian Kendrick make the most of his RAW return in the debut of the RAW Cruiserweight Division?

WWE RAW Results: September 12, 2016

Who returned during the main event of RAW with revenge in mind, costing Roman Reigns a big opportunity? How did Seth Rollins let Kevin Owens' comments get the better of him? How did Sasha Banks establish herself as the #1 Contender for the RAW Women's Title? What happened when Sami Zayn and Chris Jericho came face-to-face on The Highlight Reel?

WWE RAW Results: September 5, 2016

How did Roman Reigns re-insert himself in the WWE Universal Title picture? Who will be Kevin Owens' first challenger for the WWE Universal Title at Clash of Champions? What "bad news" did Sasha Banks have for Charlotte? How did Cesaro find himself in a bad way in his Best of Seven Series against Sheamus? How did The New Day respond to being mocked by Gallows & Anderson?

WWE RAW Results: August 29, 2016

Who left everyone stunned by interfering in the main event and paving the way for an unexpected title win? Who was able to win Match #2 in the Best of Seven Series? What was Paul Heyman forced to do on RAW on behalf of his client? Who did Bayley align herself with in a 6-Person Tag Match? How did Titus O'Neil respond to losing to Darren Young?

WWE RAW Results: August 22, 2016

How did Finn Balor's meteoric rise to the top guy on RAW come to a heartbreaking halt? Which four Superstars earned themselves a huge opportunity on next week's RAW? Who had an emotional goodbye ruined by Gallows & Anderson? Who finally made her much-anticipated RAW debut?

WWE RAW Results: August 15, 2016

How did Roman Reigns make a major statement heading into SummerSlam? Who became the victim of Brock Lesnar on RAW? What happened when Seth Rollins came face-to-face with "The Demon King"? How did Charlotte potentially weaken Sasha Banks before SummerSlam? How did Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston respond to Gallows & Anderson's repeated jokes at Big E's expense?