WWE RAW 25 Results: January 22, 2018

How did Braun Strowman once again assert his dominance over his Royal Rumble opponents? Who made his return to celebrate RAW 25 with a special 'gift' for Vince & Shane McMahon? Was The Miz able to leave Brooklyn with his eighth Intercontinental Title? Who crashed a special reunion in the Manhattan Center? How did Asuka send a clear message to her fellow Royal Rumble Match participants?

WWE SmackDown LIVE Results: September 12, 2017

What heinous and unbelievable act did Kevin Owens commit when he was confronted by Mr. McMahon? Who emerged from the Sin City Street Fight as the SmackDown Tag Team Champions? Was Naomi able to reclaim the SmackDown Women's Championship? Did interference by Baron Corbin cost AJ Styles the United States Title? Who did Dolph Ziggler impersonate this week? What did Jinder Mahal have to say about his WWE Hell in a Cell opponent, Shinsuke Nakamura?

WWE SmackDown LIVE Results: September 5, 2017

Who earned a WWE Championship match at WWE Hell in a Cell when Shinsuke Nakamura faced Randy Orton? How did Kevin Owens cross the line with Shane McMahon and what were the repercussions? Who is coming to SmackDown LIVE next week to sort out the issues between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon? How did Carmella publicly humiliate James Ellsworth after Ellsworth accidentally cost Carmella her match against Natalya? Who did AJ Styles hand-pick to defend the United States Title against next week? Which stipulation did The Usos pick for their title defense against The New Day next week?

WWE RAW Results: April 3, 2017

How did Finn Balor make a surprise return on RAW? Who showed no fear in confronting new Universal Champion Brock Lesnar? What blockbuster announcement did WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon make? Who answered the open challenge of The New Day? Were The Hardy Boyz successful in their first defense of the RAW Tag Team Titles? How did the rowdy post-WrestleMania crowd react to Roman Reigns?

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