WWE Payback 2014 Preview

It’s Payback time, so what surprises do WWE have in store for us in Chicago? Join Chris in taking a look at the card and what we can expect tonight.

WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Preview

WWE gets EXTREME tonight, The Shield look to prove their dominance once and for all, Wyatt gets not only the “Whole World in His Hands”, but Cena in a cage and more...

WWE TLC 2013 Preview

Sure some people call TLC a “B” PPV, but tonight could quite possibly be the most important night in recent WWE history. It’s title unification night! GET HYPED!!

WWE SummerSlam 2013 Preview

I’ve dusted off a copy of Ride of the Valkyries. I’ve primed my pointing fingers. My voice is nice and ready for shouting “YES!!” over and over again...

WWE Payback 2013 Preview

Oooh, new PPV! That’s right, this is the inaugural WWE Payback, where you’d assume there’s gonna be a thick vein of revenge running through the entire show.

WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Preview

It’s Extreme Rules, which means WWE have been shoe-horning the word EXTREME into every possible sentence in the most extremely extreme way any extremity has ever been…umm…extremed?