WWE Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 Results

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After the National Anthem of Saudi Arabia and the National Anthem of the United States of America are both played, The Greatest Royal Rumble would get underway with a WrestleMania-quality match between two longtime rivals as sixteen-time former World Champion John Cena would go one-on-one with fourteen-time former World Champion Triple H! During a classic match between the two seasoned competitors, Triple H would manage to get out of the STF before John Cena hits “The Game” with the Attitude Adjustment, but Triple H kicks out. Cena then goes for a second Attitude Adjustment, but Triple H counters, hitting Cena with the Pedigree, but Cena kicks out! Cena then avoids a second Pedigree before locking in the STF again but Triple H is able to counter into the Crossface, but Cena powers out, hitting Triple H with another Attitude Adjustment. Cena then slingshots Triple H into the corner before hitting a third Attitude Adjustment, finally putting Triple H away to pick up the win to kick off The Greatest Royal Rumble. After the match, John Cena would address the crowd, saying that, no matter what is going on in his life, he would not miss this event for the world before Cena thanks the fans for their hospitality before Cena leaves the ring.

In the first of seven championship matches, Cedric Alexander would put the Cruiserweight Title on the line against former champion Kalisto. In the end, Kalisto would go for the Salida del Sol, but Cedric Alexander would counter into the Lumbar Check, pinning Kalisto to pick up the win and successfully retain the Cruiserweight Title.

New RAW Tag Team Champions would then be crowned at The Greatest Royal Rumble as the unusual pairing of Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt would face former champions Cesaro & Sheamus for the vacant RAW Tag Team Titles. During the match, Bray Wyatt would hit Sheamus with Sister Abigail, paving the way for Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt to hit the elevated Twist of Fate on Sheamus as Matt pins Sheamus for the win as The Deleter of Worlds become the brand new RAW Tag Team Champions!

The United States Title would then be defended in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy would defend the prestigious title against the former champion Jinder Mahal, with Sunil Singh in his corner. In the end, it was Jeff Hardy avoiding the Khallas before connecting with the Swanton Bomb, pinning Jinder Mahal to retain the United States Title.

In the fourth championship match of the night, The Bludgeon Brothers would defend the SmackDown Tag Team Titles against the former champions The Usos. Despite The Usos doing everything in their power to divide and conquer The Bludgeon Brothers, Harper & Rowan would continue their domination, hitting a double team powerbomb on Jimmy Uso with Rowan pinning Jimmy to pick up the win and successfully retain the SmackDown Tag Team Titles.

The Intercontinental Championship would then literally be up for grabs at The Greatest Royal Rumble as Seth Rollins would defend the Intercontinental Title against The Miz, Finn Balor, and Samoa Joe in a Ladder Match where the first Superstar to climb a ladder and retrieve the Intercontinental Title hanging high above the ring would be the champion. During a wild free-for-all Ladder Match, all four competitors would use the ladder to their advantage with The Miz even hitting Samoa Joe with the Skull Crushing Finale on top of a ladder. The Miz then makes the climb for the Intercontinental Title, managing to knock Seth Rollins off of the ladder before Finn Balor meets “The A-Lister” at the top of the ladder, knocking The Miz off but The Miz pulls Finn down, taking Balor out before taking Rollins out as well.

The Miz then uses the ladder to briefly maintain control in the match before Finn Balor takes The Miz down, placing The Miz on a ladder before delivering the Coup de Grace to “The A-Lister”. Familiar foes Finn Balor and Samoa Joe then battle for control with Finn getting the better of Joe before Balor tries to climb the ladder only to get pulled down by Joe, who slams Finn down. Joe then climbs the ladder but Finn manages to tip the ladder over as Joe gets hung up on the top rope. Finn then climbs the ladder again but Seth Rollins springboards off of the top rope to the top of the ladder as Rollins quickly snatches the Intercontinental Title belt down right in front of Finn Balor as Seth Rollins successfully retains the Intercontinental Title in a wild Ladder Match.

After a group of new WWE recruits took out The Daivari Brothers, Ariya Daivari & Shawn Daivari, the WWE Championship would be on the line at The Greatest Royal Rumble in a personal rematch as “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles would defend WWE’s most prestigious title against “The Artist” Shinsuke Nakamura. During the match, Shinsuke Nakamura would survive the Calf Crusher by getting to the bottom rope but, later in the match, AJ Styles would go for the Phenomenal Forearm to Nakamura but the challenger would move out of the way and Styles would narrowly avoid making contact with the referee. With the referee’s back turned, Nakamura would once again resort to using a low blow before going for the pin with Style managing to grab the bottom rope to avoid defeat. AJ then counters the Kinshasa before Nakamura rolls to the outside and Styles follows the challenger to the outside, tackling Nakamura over the Arabic announce table. AJ would continue to pummel Nakamura on the outside as the referee reaches his ten-count, ending the match in a double count-out. The WWE Champion then sends Nakamura over the barricade before hitting Nakamura with a steel chair shot to the back. Styles then brings Nakamura back into the ring, looking for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Nakamura would exit the ring so the WWE Champion would take flight, diving to the outside to take out “The Artist”. AJ then grabs the WWE Title, standing tall in the ring as a double count-out ensures that AJ remains the WWE Champion.

Following his unexpected domination of John Cena at WrestleMania, “The Deadman” would descend upon Saudi Arabia as The Undertaker would face “The Lion of Bulgaria” Rusev, with Aiden English in his corner, in a Casket Match, where the only way to win is by putting your opponent in the casket and closing the lid. During the match, The Undertaker would have full control of the match as he rolls Rusev into the casket but, when “The Deadman” tries to close the lid, Aiden English holds onto the lid to save Rusev from defeat. The Undertaker would leave the ring, chasing Aiden off but this would give Rusev the opening he needed to gain the advantage. “The Lion of Bulgaria” would lock in the Accolade, but after Rusev calls for the casket to be opened, The Undertaker would sit up and get to his feet. The Undertaker and Rusev then trade shots before “The Phenom” plants Rusev with a chokeslam, rolling Rusev into the casket. This is when Aiden English would try to attack The Undertaker from behind but “The Deadman” would see the attack coming and would dispatch Aiden with a chokeslam. The Undertaker then spikes Aiden with the Tombstone Piledriver before rolling Aiden into the casket right next to Rusev, slamming the lid shut on the casket to win the Casket Match, having reigned supreme at The Greatest Royal Rumble.

After their savage match for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania where Brock Lesnar bludgeoned and bloodies Roman Reigns en route to successfully retaining the Universal Title, the rematch would take place in Saudi Arabia as Brock Lesnar, with Paul Heyman in his corner, would defend the Universal Championship against Roman Reigns in a Steel Cage Match, where the only way to win is by pinfall, submission, or escaping the cage, either by climbing over the top of the cage or by leaving through the cage door with both feet touching the floor. Early on in the match, Brock Lesnar would snap off four German suplexes to Roman Reigns before hitting the challenger with the F-5. The champion then goes for a second F-5 but Reigns counters, rocking Brock with a Superman Punch. Lesnar and Reigns then battle back-and-forth with both men trying to climb the cage before Roman plants the champion with a powerbomb. Roman then delivers the Spear to Brock before delivering a second Spear, picking up a full head of steam before connecting with a third Spear, but “The Beast” would still kick out.

Roman would then try and exit the cage through the door but this is when Paul Heyman would get involved as the advocate would slam the cage door on the head of the challenger, which would allow Brock to capitalize with the F-5 but Reigns would kick out again. Heyman then slides a steel chair into the ring as Brock would remove his gloves in similar fashion to WrestleMania. However, Roman is able to fire back with another Spear before the challenger uses the steel chair to his advantage, using the chair to wear “The Beast” down before connecting with the Superman Punch. Reigns then sizes the champion up for another Spear, this time spearing “The Beast” right through the cage wall as the cage wall gives away, causing both men to fall to the floor! Per the rules of the match, the referee would call for the bell, declaring that, since Brock Lesnar landed on the floor first, despite his feet not touching before Roman Reigns’ feet, Brock Lesnar wins the match and is still the Universal Champion! Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman then head up the ramp as Roman Reigns is left at ringside, looking visibly disappointed and frustrated.

Then it was time for the biggest Royal Rumble Match in WWE history as the 50-Man Royal Rumble Match would follow almost the same rules as the traditional Royal Rumble Match where two Superstars would start the match and, every ninety seconds, another Superstar would enter. This will continue until all fifty competitors have entered the match and elimination occurs when a Superstar is thrown over the top rope with both feet touching the floor with the last man remaining in the ring at the end of the match being declared the winner, receiving The Greatest Royal Rumble trophy and a special Greatest Royal Rumble title belt!

The Superstar who drew the #1 spot in the 50-Man Royal Rumble Match would be Daniel Bryan with the #2 entrant being “The Show Off” Dolph Ziggler as the two former World Champions would kick the match off. Ninety seconds would pass and the #3 entrant would enter the match as the high-flying Sin Cara joins the fray. Dolph is then the first to score an elimination, tossing Sin Cara over the top rope to the outside. Curtis Axel then enters at #4, followed by WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry entering at #5. Mark Henry is quick to make an impact in the match, eliminating Curtis Axel from the match before Mike Kanellis enters at #6. However, Mark Henry is quick to eliminate Mike Kanellis from the match before sumo competitor Hiroki Sumi enters the fray at #7. Hiroki Sumi and Mark Henry immediately face off with both super heavyweights testing their strength against the other but it’s the WWE Hall of Famer who ultimately tips Hiroki Sumi over the top rope, eliminating Sumi from the match. However, Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler are quick to pounce on Mark Henry, eliminating “The World’s Strongest Man” from the fray!

In at #8 is one-half of The Ascension, Viktor, who joins Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan in the match, but the tag team specialist doesn’t last long before being eliminated by Daniel Bryan. The New Day’s Kofi Kingston then enters the 50-Man Royal Rumble Match at #9, followed by Tony Nese at #10 and The Revival’s Dash Wilder at #11. Former Cruiserweight Champion Hornswoggle then makes a surprise return to WWE, entering at #12, helping Daniel Bryan eliminate Dash Wilder. Tony Nese then eliminates Hornswoggle before Primo enters at #13 and The New Day’s Xavier Woods enters at #14. Primo then tries to eliminate Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston, but Kofi hangs onto Xavier’s back to avoid elimination before diving back into the ring. Tony Nese then tries to dance with Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods but Kofi & Xavier toss Nese out before Bo Dallas enters at #15. RAW General Manager and WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle then enters the match at #16, eliminating Bo Dallas and Primo from the match before managing to suplex Dolph Ziggler over the top rope, eliminating the #2 entrant from the match. The Revival’s Scott Dawson then enters the 50-Man Royal Rumble Match at #17 followed by Goldust at #18 and The Ascension’s Konnor at #19 and Elias at #20 as the ring begins to fill up in the historic match.

Elias makes an immediate impact on the 50-Man Royal Rumble Match, eliminating Konnor, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston all at the same time! Luke Gallows then joins the match at #21 as a brief showdown between Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle takes place with Elias taking advantage by eliminating Angle from the match before Rhyno enters at #22 and Drew Gulak enters at #23 and NXT’s Tucker Knight comes in at #24, who eliminates Drew Gulak from the match. The 50-Man Royal Rumble Match then reaches its halfway point with the entry of “Glorious” Bobby Roode at #25, eliminating Goldust as well as Scott Dawson before Fandango comes in at #26 and Chad Gable enters at #27. The legendary Rey Mysterio then returns to WWE, entering at #28 and quickly eliminating Luke Gallows. Mojo Rawley then enters at #29, eliminating Fandango from the match before Fandango’s partner Tyler Breeze enters at #30 but is quickly eliminated by Mojo Rawley.

The New Day’s Big E then enters the match at #31, making an impact by eliminating Tucker Knight. Karl Anderson then enters at #32 followed by Apollo Crews at #33, who eliminates Chad Gable from the match. In at #34 is The Undisputed Era’s newest member Roderick Strong, who eliminates Rhyno. “The Viper” Randy Orton then enters the 50-Man fray at #35, hitting Apollo Crews with the RKO before eliminating Karl Anderson as well as Mojo Rawley and Apollo Crews. Heath Slater then enters at #36 followed by NXT’s Babatunde at #37 and Baron Corbin at #38, pulling Elias out of the ring, sending Elias into the steel steps before entering the ring, eliminating Bobby Roode and Roderick Strong. Though he takes a spill on the way to the ring, Titus O’Neil would enter the match at #39 followed by NXT’s Dan Matha at #40 and “The Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman at #41.

Braun Strowman wastes little time in tossing Superstars out, eliminating Babatunde, Dan Matha, Big E, and Heath Slater before Tye Dillinger enters at #42 as Braun eliminates Titus O’Neil and Tye Dillinger. Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton then work together to take down Braun Strowman before Baron Corbin eliminates Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton eliminates Corbin. Elias then eliminates Randy Orton before Curt Hawkins enters the match at #43, being easily eliminated by Braun Strowman. Bobby Lashley then enters the 50-Man Royal Rumble Match at #44, eliminating Elias from the match before former World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali enters at #45 with Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley working together to eliminate “The Punjabi Giant”. Kevin Owens then enters at #46 before SmackDown LIVE Commissioner Shane McMahon enters at #47, immediately getting the attention of Kevin Owens as Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan target their old rival Kevin Owens before Shelton Benjamin enters at #48 followed by Big Cass at #49. Everyone in the match then works to temporarily take out Braun Strowman with Shane McMahon connecting with the Coast-to-Coast as “The Monster Among Men” rolls out of the ring just before “Y2J” Chris Jericho enters at #50.

Chris Jericho wastes no time in resuming his rivalry with Kevin Owens before eliminating Shelton Benjamin. Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan then continue to work on Kevin Owens with Daniel instructing Shane to hit Kevin Owens with the Coast-to-Coast but, when Shane gets to the top rope, he is grabbed by Braun Strowman, who hurls the SmackDown LIVE Commissioner off of the top rope through the announce table at ringside, eliminating and possibly destroying Shane McMahon! Strowman then continues his domination of the match, tossing out Bobby Lashley, Chris Jericho, and Kevin Owens! Daniel Bryan then tries to eliminate Braun Strowman to no avail before Big Cass blasts Daniel Bryan with a big boot before eliminating his Backlash opponent from the match, ending Daniel’s historic time in the 50-Man Royal Rumble at one hour, sixteen minutes, and five seconds.

It then comes down to Braun Strowman against Big Cass with Big Cass doing everything in his power to try and eliminate “The Monster Among Men” but Braun Strowman would prove to be too much for the seven-footer as Braun crotches Big Cass on the top rope before getting a full head of steam, knocking Big Cass to the floor as Braun Strowman wins the 50-Man Royal Rumble Match to become the first ever Greatest Royal Rumble Champion! WWE Chairman & CEO Mr. McMahon then presents Braun Strowman with the Greatest Royal Rumble Title belt, as well as the massive Greatest Royal Rumble trophy as “The Monster Among Men” makes history in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with Braun proudly holding up the title belt.

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