WWE Wrestlemania 27 DVD Review

For this, the twenty-seventh event held under the banner, the potential for a new beginning in WWE was laid out. Alberto Del Rio, who had been telling us that the World Championship is his destiny, this was his chance to fulfil that destiny.

WWE WrestleMania Reloaded

Trust you all enjoyed WrestleMania evening as much as I did. My kitchen seems to have been attacked by empty beer bottles. There weren't any yesterday, yet this morning? Tons of them. I honestly can't think where they came from... * hic *

WWE WrestleMania 27 Results

The Rock "brings it" to WrestleMania and "brings" the WWE Title to The Miz by dishing out his payback on John Cena, Triple H puts it all on the line to defeat The Undertaker but, in the end, Undertaker was the one who "died trying"!

It’s WWE WrestleMania Day!!!

The sun is shining, the beer is in the fridge, the phone number for the takeaway is pinned next to the phone, the PPV is ordered, the sweeties and snacks all organised... yup, it's WRESTLEMANIA day, people!!!