Six WWE Superstars Who Should Win the WrestleMania Battle Royal

Hulk Hogan recently delivered some huge news in announcing an Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal for Wrestlemania 30. I get the feeling that WWE has been looking to replenish Money in the Bank with another signature match, and if all goes well, this gig might be it. At the very least, we know this year’s Battle Royal will be pumped as a big deal, meaning the winner will likely be hyped as carving out a career-defining moment in history. I can hear Cole and JBL now …

On Raw, we learned that Big E and Ryback are two of the official participants. There are 28 other WWE superstars would could potentially win and bath in the pageantry that accompanies sweet victory. Here are six of those guys:

1. Big E


Might as well start with the guys who we know are gonna be involved for sure. Big E has been on quite a role as of late, recently earning victories over both Real Americans, in addition to winning the Intercontinental Championship. The youngster possesses a unique blend of speed and power in a package that meshes nicely with just about anyone on the roster. A win of this magnitude would be a fitting feather in the cap of a superstar that looks posed to have an awesome 2014.

2. Ryback


At one point, I thought WWE was toying with the idea of having Ryback embark on a Goldberg-like streak. Silly me. There is no more undefeated streak. The “Feed Me More” slogan is long forgotten. Even the “Goldberg” chants have a certain meh to them lately. Now one half of the lowly duo RybAxel, things are looking rather bleak for the Big Guy. But hope isn’t totally lost. Battle Royals have traditionally been an environment where big wrestlers thrive, and a win could be just what Ryback needs to be taken seriously again.

3. Cesaro


I’ve been battling with this, but I think the Real Americans will make it into Wrestlemania 30 intact. Whether they leave as a team remains to be seen. Either way, taking the win would be a huge launchpad for a superstar whose career already seems to be trending toward the upper card. Slowly but surely, both the fans and WWE management are realizing what an asset they have in the pure wrestling machine Cesaro. Win or lose, I picture a memorable Wrestlemania for the indy veteran.

4. Dolph Ziggler


It’s crazy what a dramatic turn the fortunes of Dolph Ziggler have taken in less than a year. It was the Monday night after Wrestlemania 29 when he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract, won the World Heavyweight Championship, and subsequently blew the roof off the building as the crowd went crazy. Since then, Ziggle’s WWE career has been on a rough downward spiral. I mean seriously, at this point he’s comparable to Jim Powers or Paul Roma – a guy who gives an admirable effort, but jobs more often than not. Seizing the Andre trophy at Wrestlemania could be the start of a run back to the top.

5. Roman Reigns


Yeah, I know. There’s a realistic chance that all three members of the Shield will duke it out for the worthless U.S. Championship at Wrestlemania. However, there’s also a chance they’ll keep it together, and if they do, I predict they’ll enter the Battle Royal. Seth Rollins walking off obviously wasn’t it, so this dynamic match could see the blow that completely breaks the Shield. While Reigns doesn’t need it, a huge win will look good tacked onto the singles push he’s bound to get sooner or later.

6. Big Show


As a multi-time World Champion, Big Show is the arguably the only made man on the list. He’s in the twilight of his career and certainly doesn’t need the push. However, his legacy could benefit from the win. If you followed his career, you know that Show was originally billed as the son of Andre the Giant during his WCW run. You’re also aware that his Wrestlemania history is littered with losses and moments of foolery. Taking these two significant factors into account, a battle royal win could add to the legend of the Big Show and possibly even propel him into one last top-card push.

With the Royal Rumble and Money in Bank already on the schedule, it’s possible that the Andre the Giant Memorial 30-man Over the Top Battle Royal is merely a one-time deal to commemorate thirty years of Wrestlemania. If that turns out to be the case, it would automatically put the winner in elite company all his own. Who do you think needs it most?


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