WWE Payback 2013 Preview

Oooh, new PPV! That’s right, this is the inaugural WWE Payback, where you’d assume there’s gonna be a thick vein of revenge running through the entire show.

WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Preview

It’s Extreme Rules, which means WWE have been shoe-horning the word EXTREME into every possible sentence in the most extremely extreme way any extremity has ever been…umm…extremed?

Is Ryback Ready?

Ryback is scheduled to face an injured John Cena at Extreme Rules and is positioned to win his first major title in WWE. Is it his time? Will he capture the imagination of the WWE Universe and have a memorable run with the company’s greatest prize or will he fail miserably?

Dean Ambrose: The mean James Dean

It’s ironic that a man so well versed in the art of a villain has the birth name, Jonathan Good. Dean Ambrose has that head turning awe that very few people in life have the ability to master...

Who Should WWE Sign NXT?

We look at some of the men and women currently working around the North American independent wrestling scene who WWE would do well to sign up...