Wrestling 101 is offering it’s readers a chance to win £25 cash! All you have to do is add your own comments to our articles here on the site.

What is it?

A competition to reward readers who leave comments on articles at Wrestling 101.

How will it work?

All comments will be monitored on Wrestling 101 from now until 15th July 2013. Once the 8 weeks are up, a team will select their favourite comments from the period.

What are the prizes?

One winner is guaranteed however if we have a big selection to choose from we may add additional winners. Each winner will receive £25!

Who will be on the team that decides the winners?

The team consists of Kam (owner of Wrestling 101) and a small selection of members from the Talk Wrestling Online forums.

What do you mean by “favourite comments”?

The team will select readers who they felt contributed best to Wrestling 101. This can be anything from commenting regularly, writing informative/insightful/funny comments to more in-depth comments.

When will it start/finish?

Start date: NOW

Finish date: 15th July 2013

How do I enter?

You don’t have to enter, ALL comments will be monitored. Please remember we will need to contact you if you win so you need to have a way of us to be able to notify you – either by email, Disqus or through one of the social media websites.

Who can enter?

Everyone over the age of 13 can enter from the UK. Those of you outside the UK can enter as long as your able/happy with the below…

How will be money be sent out?

Money will be paid via Paypal only. The only other alternative we can offer is gift vouchers from an online store (Amazon etc) for the same amount. We will be giving money out in pounds so if you do live abroad you will get the equivalent of that amount in your currency.

Where will the winner(s) be announced?

The winner(s) will be announced on our Facebook page and on the Talk Wrestling Online website.

What are the Rules?

– No flooding the site with lots of pointless comments (remember quality not quantity!)
– Usual Competiton Rules apply.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.