WWE SmackDown Results: December 27, 2013

John Cena, Mark Henry, & Big E. Langston reign supreme in back-to-back singles matches against The Shield, Kane encourages Randy Orton to destroy Dolph Ziggler, and The Wyatt Family has a chilling message for Daniel Bryan.

WWE SmackDown Results: December 20, 2013

Big E. Langston comes to the aid of CM Punk, The Wyatt Family assaults Daniel Bryan in the parking lot, John Cena confronts Randy Orton, and an assist from Bray Wyatt leads to Luke Harper & Erick Rowan defeating the WWE Tag Team Champions.

WWE SmackDown Results: December 13, 2013

Randy Orton questions The Authority's faith, John Cena vows to be the Champion of Champions, Daniel Bryan gets a piece of Bray Wyatt, CM Punk plays mind games with The Shield, and The Real Americans pin the WWE Tag Team Champions.

WWE SmackDown Results: December 6, 2013

The Wyatt Family costs Daniel Bryan in the main event, CM Punk puts Dean Ambrose to sleep, Rey Mysterio enlists some "big" help in facing The Real Americans, Ryback & Curtis Axel defeat the WWE Tag Team Champions, and Damien Sandow gets an up-close look at the dominance of Big E. Langston.

WWE SmackDown Results: November 29, 2013

CM Punk leads a super-team to victory in 12-Man Tag action, Randy Orton refuses to comment on upcoming TLC Match, Brodus Clay gets in the face of Xavier Woods, Titus O'Neil 'shares' his post-Thanksgiving meal, and Mark Henry returns to SmackDown.

WWE SmackDown Results: November 15, 2013

CM Punk & Daniel Bryan outsmart The Wyatt Family, Alberto Del Rio turns an Arm Wrestling Contest into an assault on John Cena, The Wyatt Family take their frustrations out on Ryback & Curtis Axel, and Natalya gets a measure of revenge against Tamina Snuka.

WWE SmackDown Results: November 8, 2013

John Cena saves himself from potential re-injury, CM Punk stands tall with Daniel Bryan against The Wyatt Family, Alberto Del Rio makes The Great Khali tap out, and R-Truth leads his team to victory in his hometown.

WWE SmackDown Results: October 18, 2013

Daniel Bryan, Goldust, & Cody Rhodes finish off a terrible week for The Shield, Big Show knocks out Brad Maddox, CM Punk gets an unlikely assist from Big E. Langston, and Alberto Del Rio sends a message to John Cena.

WWE SmackDown Results: October 4, 2013

Daniel Bryan & The Usos rescue Big Show, Alberto Del Rio defeats Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam hits the Van Terminator on Fandango, Los Matadores make their SmackDown debut, and Triple H reveals that he now owns Big Show's house.

WWE SmackDown Results: September 27, 2013

Triple H aids in the destruction of The Miz at the hands of Randy Orton, The Shield overcomes the united front of Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, & Rob Van Dam, Paul Heyman guarantees victory for Ryback, and Rob Van Dam saves R-Truth from Alberto Del Rio.

WWE SmackDown Results: September 20, 2013

Daniel Bryan & The Usos defeat The Shield in 6-Man Tag action, Triple H calls a halt to an unprecedented Gauntlet Match, Alberto Del Rio viciously assaults his #1 Contender, Ryback dominates a local competitor, and Randy Orton vows to regain the WWE Championship.

WWE SmackDown Results: August 30, 2013

Randy Orton & The Shield beat down and humiliate Daniel Bryan, Big Show is forced to helplessly watch the continuing hostile takeover, Randy Orton defeats The Miz, The Shield defeats Dolph Ziggler in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match, and Paul Heyman vows to "own" CM Punk.

WWE SmackDown Results: August 23, 2013

Randy Orton ruins Daniel Bryan's post-match celebration, Curtis Axel challenges CM Punk to a match on RAW, Christian and Rob Van Dam get the better of Alberto Del Rio, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns show no fear towards Big Show & Mark Henry, and Dolph Ziggler overcomes AJ Lee's interference to defeat Big E. Langston.

WWE SmackDown Results: August 16, 2013

Triple H brings justice to a lawless match, Kane fails to overcome The Wyatt Family, Christian again gets the better of the World Heavyweight Champion, and The Shield falls to the super team of Big Show, Mark Henry, & Rob Van Dam.