WWE RAW Results: December 31, 2012

John Cena has a unique 'toast' for Dolph & AJ, Wade Barrett finally takes the gold from Kofi Kingston, an allied front proves too much for The Shield, and the first ever Champion's Choice Night takes place!

WWE RAW Results: December 24, 2012

Santa gets his 'claws' on the wheel man, Cena sticks up for Santa, Brad Maddox falls to Santa's biggest elf, Sheamus survives Big Show and the Lumber-Jack Frosts, and Ryback's Christmas present gets even better.

WWE RAW Results: December 17, 2012

Thanks to AJ Lee, John Cena comes face-to-face with the Big E., Ric Flair returns and helps combat The Shield, Tommy Dreamer returns and is destroyed by The Shield, AJ 'locks up' with Dolph Ziggler, and John Cena costs Dolph Ziggler.

WWE RAW Results: December 10, 2012

WWE TLC opponents collide in a massive brawl, Dolph Ziggler fails to get the better of Sheamus, Brad Maddox ensures an otherwise unlikely victory, the United States Champion bests the Intercontinental Champion, and Team Rhodes Scholars returns in a big way.

WWE RAW Results: December 3, 2012

Ryback makes 'table scraps' out of CM Punk, The Shield meets its match, Randy Orton keeps Brad Maddox unemployed, Antonio Cesaro defies the odds, Vickie Guerrero ups the stakes for WWE TLC, and The Shield sets CM Punk free from the truth.

WWE RAW Results: November 26, 2012

The Shield again protects the WWE Champion, John Cena gets a measure of revenge against Dolph Ziggler, Big Show rips Sheamus' ally to pieces, and Vickie Guerrero gives Ryback what he wants.

WWE RAW Results: November 19, 2012

NXT strikes again, Alberto Del Rio 'falls' to Randy Orton, John Cena and AJ Lee give Vickie Guerrero something to talk about, Dolph Ziggler cripples Cena, and Wade Barrett pins the Intercontinental Champion again.

WWE RAW Results: November 12, 2012

Ryback and John Cena stare each other down, Mick Foley and Ryback ensure a victory for John Cena, Brad Maddox gets a million dollar beating, a very unlikely Superstar is voted onto Team Foley, and CM Punk crashes Jerry Lawler's return.

WWE RAW Results: October 29, 2012

Team Punk and Team Foley are revealed for Survivor Series, Sheamus drops the new World Heavyweight Champion, Vickie presents her evidence, and Beth Phoenix is the victim of Vickie's rise to power.

WWE RAW Results: October 22, 2012

The lumberjacks catch Ryback's "food", allegations lead to AJ Lee's resignation and Vickie Guerrero's suspicious hiring, Big Show KO's Kane, and Team Hell No's game show debut.

WWE RAW Results: October 15, 2012

Ryback finally gets the "meal" he's been waiting for, John Cena gives up his spot, Kofi Kingston rocks the Intercontinental Champion, and Sheamus gets the better of Big Show.

WWE RAW Results: October 8, 2012

Mr. McMahon lays down an ultimatum for CM Punk, the Chairman takes it to the WWE Champion, the Finals of #1 Contenders Tag Tournament are decided, and The Miz gets embarrassed by Mrs. King.

WWE RAW Results: September 10, 2012

John Cena punks CM Punk, while Bret Hart pops Punk, Punk takes a loss, Kane & Daniel Bryan's shocking new anger therapy, and Booker lays the law down on the banned Brogue Kick.