WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 Results

Who unexpectedly got involved in the vicious Hell in a Cell Match between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens? Who took full advantage of the rules of a Triple Threat Match to leave Detroit as the United States Champion? Was Shinsuke Nakamura able to dethrone Jinder Mahal by winning the WWE Title? Who survived the war between The New Day and The Usos inside Hell in a Cell? How did Natalya take the easy way out to ensure she left WWE Hell in a Cell as the SmackDown Women's Champion?

WWE SmackDown LIVE Results: September 19, 2017

Who won a Fatal 4-Way Match to earn a SmackDown Women's Title match at WWE Hell in a Cell? What did Shane McMahon have to say following Kevin Owens' vicious attack on his father? How did Jinder Mahal take things too far with his jokes about Shinsuke Nakamura? How did Rusev avenge his quick loss to Randy Orton at SummerSlam? How did a scheduled United States Title match turn into a brawl instead? What did Kevin Owens have to say about assaulting Mr. McMahon last week?

WWE SmackDown LIVE Results: September 12, 2017

What heinous and unbelievable act did Kevin Owens commit when he was confronted by Mr. McMahon? Who emerged from the Sin City Street Fight as the SmackDown Tag Team Champions? Was Naomi able to reclaim the SmackDown Women's Championship? Did interference by Baron Corbin cost AJ Styles the United States Title? Who did Dolph Ziggler impersonate this week? What did Jinder Mahal have to say about his WWE Hell in a Cell opponent, Shinsuke Nakamura?

WWE SmackDown LIVE Results: September 5, 2017

Who earned a WWE Championship match at WWE Hell in a Cell when Shinsuke Nakamura faced Randy Orton? How did Kevin Owens cross the line with Shane McMahon and what were the repercussions? Who is coming to SmackDown LIVE next week to sort out the issues between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon? How did Carmella publicly humiliate James Ellsworth after Ellsworth accidentally cost Carmella her match against Natalya? Who did AJ Styles hand-pick to defend the United States Title against next week? Which stipulation did The Usos pick for their title defense against The New Day next week?

WWE SmackDown LIVE Results: August 29, 2017

How did Randy Orton deliver a clear message to Shinsuke Nakamura before their match next week? Were Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura able to co-exist as a team against JInder Mahal and Rusev? How did Kevin Owens continue to be a thorn in the side of Shane McMahon? Who answered AJ Styles' U.S. Open Challenge? How did Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin perform in their debut as a tag team? Who gets to pick the stipulation for the rematch between The Usos and The New Day?

WWE SmackDown LIVE Results: August 22, 2017

Who donned the stripes as the Special Guest Referee for the United States Title rematch between AJ Styles and Kevin Owens? How did Shane McMahon play a major role in the main event? Who made their Glorious debut on SmackDown LIVE? Who did Daniel Bryan introduce as Chad Gable's new tag team partner? How did James Ellsworth spoil a potential cash-in by Carmella? How did Shinsuke Nakamura get a measure of revenge against Jinder Mahal & The Singh Brothers?

WWE SummerSlam 2017 Results

Was Brock Lesnar able to survive a hellacious and destructive Fatal 4-Way Match to retain the Universal Title? Was Shinsuke Nakamura able to dethrone "The Modern Day Maharaja"? Could Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins remain on the same page against Cesaro & Sheamus? Did Sasha Banks win her fourth RAW Women's Title at SummerSlam? Could Natalya win her first championship in nearly seven years? How did Randy Orton embarrass Rusev on the grand stage? Was Finn Balor's demonic alter ego enough to defeat Bray Wyatt? Did Baron Corbin get his payback against John Cena?

WWE Spoilers: Final card for SummerSlam 2017

What's in store for the 30th annual SummerSlam? Who will Brock Lesnar defend the Universal Championship against at "The Biggest Event of the Summer"? Who will go one-on-one for the first time ever to decide the WWE Championship? What other championships will be on the line and who will face off in grudge matches at the four-hour extravaganza? What does WWE have in store for the two-hour SummerSlam Kickoff?

WWE SmackDown LIVE Results: August 15, 2017

How did John Cena ruin the biggest opportunity of Baron Corbin's career? What happened when Shinsuke Nakamura confronted Jinder Mahal before their title match at SummerSlam? How did Randy Orton get a measure of revenge against Rusev? What happened when AJ Styles tried to clear the air with Shane McMahon? Was Natalya able to best Becky Lynch ahead of her title match against Naomi at SummerSlam? How did The Usos pick up some major momentum heading into SummerSlam?

WWE SmackDown LIVE Results: August 8, 2017

What was awaiting Randy Orton after Orton's win over the WWE Champion? How did Kevin Owens effectively create doubt about the officiating abilities of Shane McMahon? Who will John Cena be facing at SummerSlam? Was Lana able to score the upset against Charlotte Flair? Who provided a major assist for Carmella in her match against Naomi? How did The New Day use The Usos' own tactics against them?

WWE Spoilers: WWE Title match confirmed for SummerSlam

Who will challenge Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam? What special addition was made for the United States Title rematch at SummerSlam? Who will face Randy Orton at "The Biggest Event of the Summer"? Who will get their rematch for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles? Who gets another opportunity at Neville's Cruiserweight Championship?

WWE SmackDown LIVE Results: August 1, 2017

Who's going to SummerSlam to face Jinder Mahal for the WWE Title, John Cena or Shinsuke Nakamura? How did a bad call from the referee lead to a Special Referee being assigned for the United States Title rematch at SummerSlam? Who answered the call when Rusev asked for an opponent at SummerSlam? How did Sami Zayn's night go from bad to worse? Who emerged victorious when Naomi & Becky Lynch faced Natalya & Carmella?