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The Fox X-Men movie series is dead. What went right?

In the mid-90's, Fox bought the rights to the most culturally relevant superheros in the Marvel roster. What they did with the X-Men was...a mixed bag. Let's look back on the dirty dozen movies released under the X-Men banner, splitting them between the HIGHS and lows of Fox's ownership...

Where have you gone, Rick Moranis?

After a string of successful roles in the 1980's and early 90's Rick Moranis essentially walked away from Hollywood, leaving a hole in the industry that has never been filled. It's been twenty-five years since he starred in a major motion picture. Where have you gone, Rick Moranis, and are you ever coming back?

Fight Club is still awesome…twenty years later

Fight Club's reputation has risen and fallen since 1999. It was released to general apathy and later climbed to prominence, before coming around to being regarded as a movie merely pretending to be about something. So how does it fare today, twenty years later? Read on...

Get Hyped: The big movies of 2019 (part two)

Every year it seems we say “this year is going to be incredible for movies” but this year…hoo baby. This year looks like nothing cinemas have seen since the magical year of 1982. There are so many potentially huge films coming out this year; here are just a few releasing in the second half of 2019...