New Year’s Resolutions

With it being the New Year, I am making 7 wrestling related resolutions for the forthcoming 12 months. Let’s see how many I can keep, or more realistically, how long it takes me to break them, given my almost legendary lack of self control and will-power.

Santa’s Sack

So, back in the day when I used to do this first time round, and when it was actually good, I used to have a tradition of writing out a Christmas list for some of the peeps involved in this wrasslin' business.
Ufc Dana White

The UFC Conundrum

So, I presume that you'll have seen that UFC ran a card at the weekend, pitting Canadian hero Georges St. Pierre against mouthy bad boy Josh Koscheck.

WWE: Laying The Smacketh Down

So, this week, for the first time in aaaaaaages, I watched Smackdown from start to finish. When I say ages, I mean ages - I didn't even realise that Green Day sang the Smackdown theme these days! Great song, though.