The Undertaker 4

WWE WrestleMania 29 Review

Remember when WrestleMania was the reboot point for the year? When everything culminated here? When it felt like a proper big wrasslin’ show, rather than an extended cash cow for the WWE to crow about?
Macho Man Randy Savage 3

Soaking up the Macho Madness

To describe Randy Savage as a 'just' wrestler would be doing him an injustice. He was more than 'just' a wrestler. He was larger than life, he was more than an athlete, he was simply... The Macho Man.
Wwf Edge 3a

Living On The Edge

WrestleMania 6 in the Toronto Skydome - April 1, 1990. A rabid Canadian crowd roared their approval for the main event of Hulk Hogan vs. The Ultimate Warrior. As the match and angle played out, the crowd were held in raptures. One in particular, a young man, was so enthralled that he swore he too would walk that aisle and take his place in the ring at WrestleMania one day.

WWE WrestleMania Reloaded

Trust you all enjoyed WrestleMania evening as much as I did. My kitchen seems to have been attacked by empty beer bottles. There weren't any yesterday, yet this morning? Tons of them. I honestly can't think where they came from... * hic *

It’s WWE WrestleMania Day!!!

The sun is shining, the beer is in the fridge, the phone number for the takeaway is pinned next to the phone, the PPV is ordered, the sweeties and snacks all organised... yup, it's WRESTLEMANIA day, people!!!
WWF Razor Ramon Scott Hall Intercontinental Title Belt

WWE WrestleMania: My Favourite Match

It's THAT week... WrestleMania week. Everything in the wide world of wrestling is geared towards the Showcase of the Immortals, as Vince would have us call it. WrestleMania has provided us with many, many great moments to remember... my personal favourite?

TNA: How do you fix Jeff Hardy?

Only one story dominates the wrestling landscape this week... that's right, Taz and his shocking inability to recognise a Minion from 'Despicable Me', Seriously though, Jeff Hardy has been this week's story, and rightly so.
Wwe Michael Cole

This and that…

Random bits and pieces about WWE's Sin Cara, Jerry Lawler, Triple H, Undertaker, John Morrison, Drew McIntyre, Michael Cole and waterproof clothing.
Wwf Royal Rumble 1994

The Power Of The WWE Royal Rumble

I love the Rumble. Not just the match, but the whole show. It’s probably my favourite show, even ahead of WrestleMania. It just FEELS like a big deal. And, like many things, you always remember your favourite one. For me, that would be 1994’s effort.