QUEEN’s catalogue, from bottom to top

With the recent release of the Freddie Mercury and Queen biopic, let's look back on the fifteen albums that define the band's reputation as one of the most varied and influential in rock history. Here's our ranking of each album, from bottom to top...

WWE has no equal…and that sucks.

If you have WWE stock, it's time to sell. The company's value has never reached better heights than this year. Big money TV deals sent WWE's stock market value skyrocketing and despite sinking ratings and a...

Planet of the Apes: 50 years later

A look back at one of the greatest stories in the history of the sci-fi genre. Fifty years ago Rod Serling gave us Planet of the Apes, and though its punch has lessened over the half-century, its significance still resonates...

Your 2018 Halloween Watchlist!

It's time again to grab a bag of popcorn, shut off the lights and indulge in something frightful. But if you can't decide on a scary movie to watch this October, let me help you out...THIS is your 2018 Halloween Watchlist!

What the WWE Super Show-Down shows us

Spoiler alert: It's nothing good. In the words of Mr. Fahrenheit himself: Nothing really matters. Not you, not PPVs, not even WrestleMania. It's a new age of apathy, ladies and gentlemen. Embrace it.