Wwe Wrestlemania 27 Dvd

WWE Wrestlemania 27 DVD Review

For this, the twenty-seventh event held under the banner, the potential for a new beginning in WWE was laid out. Alberto Del Rio, who had been telling us that the World Championship is his destiny, this was his chance to fulfil that destiny.
Wwe Tlc 2010 Dvd

WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2010 DVD Review

Tables! Ladders! Chairs! OH, MY! That phrase is a very familiar one to long-term fans across the world and, whenever it was used to signify that at the next big show, a championship (it was always for a championship) was going to be decided in a TLC Match, the fans knew they were in for something special...
Machoman Elizabeth Wrestlemania 2

WWE WrestleMania: My Favourite Match

The story leading up to the bout was a simple one; Warrior had lost the WWF Championship to Sgt. Slaughter courtesy of inteference by Randy Savage. They continued to antagonise each other until a "Retirement Match" was signed between the two...
Wwe Live In The Uk November 2010

WWE Live in the UK (November 2010) DVD Review

Twice a year, usually April and November, the WWE come to the UK as part of their European tour. The highlight of this run through our fair land are the RAW and Smackdown tapings that take place, with the British fans getting a reward for their loyalty over the last three decades.
Wwe Best Of Raw 2010 Dvd

WWE: The Best of WWE RAW 2010 DVD Review

Back in the mid-90s, WWE would produce a “Year in Review” VHS release and I'd snap them up every time. Even now, the 1995 one, hosted by the one and only Dok Hendrix. The basic crux of these releases was to sum up the previous 12mths and present to you the best action and storylines from that time period.
Wwe Survivor Series 2010 Dvd

WWE Survivor Series 2010 DVD Review

The Survivor Series is the second-longest running event in WWE history, with the tag-team elimination format being a staple of the event for most of that time. Unfortunately, WWE's seemingly irrational hatred of anything resembling tag-team wrestling has rendered the gimmick almost redundant...
Bobby Heenan Dvd

WWE: Bobby “The Brain” Heenan DVD Review

When you think of the best manager in the history of the wrestling business, Jimmy Hart and Bobby Heenan are the two names that jump from the pages of wrestling's past, but even the staunchest Hart fans would acknowledge that “The Brain” was in a class all by himself...
Wwe Bragging Rights 2010 Dvd

WWE Bragging Rights 2010 DVD Review

A great idea in theory, but a pretty pointless one in practice. A once-every-twelve-months concept where Smackdown and RAW go head-to-head to show who IS the best WWE brand would work better if the brands were actually kept separate for the remainder of the year (Royal Rumble Match aside)...
River Of Darkness Dvds

River of Darkness DVD Review

Wrestlers featuring in movies is nothing new, they've been doing it for decades, but apart from Hulk Hogan, it wasn't until WWE Studios began releasing their own movies that they became the lead actors in their own cinematic vehicles...
Wwe John Cena Dvd

WWE: The John Cena Experience DVD Review

John Cena, from the moment he burst onto the scene and had that blistering match with Kurt Angle on Smackdown from June 2002 (meaning the man is nearing a decade with the company – just think about that for a second), has been hard to ignore. From the “trunks of a million colours” era, through the heel rapper, face rapper and non-rapping rapper gimmicks, he's done it all in WWE...
Wwe Smackdown 2009 2010 Dvd

WWE: The Best of Smackdown 2009-2010 DVD Review

It has widely been considered that Smackdown, while taking a back seat to RAW in WWE management's eyes, has been the show to watch for the better in-ring action WWE has to offer. Normally, the matches are given more time and the wrestlers are allowed to work a lot harder, be they opening acts or PPV headliners...
Wwe High Flyers Dvd

WWE: Wrestling’s Highest Flyers DVD Review

WWE, rather fairly, has a reputation as dismissing the lighter wrestler, the aerial artist, as nothing more than a card-filler, someone who nobody really cares about and is too small to make a name in the wrestling business. With that in mind, it's somewhat surprising that the company would release a three-disc DVD collection devoted to those very athletes.

Knucklehead DVD Review

Now it's the turn of comedy to appear on the radar with Knucklehead, the “zany” comedy starring Big Show as a kid who has been in an orphanage all his life and is now a thirty-something adult male that stands 7ft tall, but has a “charming” naivety. Can WWE Studios succeed with comedy where they failed with drama?