WWE RAW Results: February 12, 2018

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Thirteen nights before he, along with five other Superstars, step inside the Elimination Chamber to compete for the right to challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title at WrestleMania, RAW kicks off with sixteen-time former World Champion John Cena. Cena says that he is out there to “face the truth” and the truth is that he “has to win” the Elimination Chamber Match, saying that failing to win the Chamber Match might mean that he won’t have a Road to WrestleMania. Cena then says that winning the Elimination Chamber Match and beating Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title at WrestleMania seems “impossible” but he’s made a career out making the impossible possible. Cena then declares that he will win the Elimination Chamber Match and he will go on to make history by beating Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title and becoming a seventeen-time World Champion at WrestleMania.

This brings out fellow Elimination Chamber participant and Intercontinental Champion The Miz, along with The Miztourage. Making his way to the ring, The Miz says that 2018 is the “year of The Miz” before The Miz & The Miztourage enter the ring to confront Cena. The Miz then says that he is going to win the Elimination Chamber Match and then go on to WrestleMania to beat Brock Lesnar and become the first Superstar in history to be both the Intercontinental Champion and the Universal Champion. Cena says that The Miz would have “no chance” against Brock Lesnar but The Miz disagrees, saying that he “matches up far better” with Brock Lesnar than Cena did. The Intercontinental Champion then says that he does what it takes, saying that he “crosses the lines” that Cena won’t cross and that’s why he will beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, bringing up that he “outsmarted” John Cena in their match at WrestleMania 27. Cena responds by challenging The Miz to a one-on-one match here tonight on RAW with the loser of the match having to enter the Elimination Chamber Match first!

The Miz would laugh off the challenge before The Miztourage jumps John Cena, leaving Cena laid out. The Miz then says that he is “smarter” than John Cena before accepting Cena’s challenge before demanding a referee come out there to get the match started. However, RAW General Manager Kurt Angle says that he likes John Cena’s idea before agreeing to make the match official as a referee makes his way to the ring before the GM orders that The Miztourage are banned from ringside for the match!

In a match made official by Kurt Angle moments earlier, the opening match of the night would see John Cena go one-on-one with Intercontinental Champion The Miz in a non-title match with The Miztourage banned from ringside with the loser of the match having to enter the Elimination Chamber Match first. After kicking out of the Attitude Adjustment, The Miz would lock in the Figure-Four Leg Lock for the second time in the match but John Cena is quick to break free, locking in the Crossface, but the Intercontinental Champion gets to the ropes to break the hold. The Miz then hits Cena with the Skull Crushing Finale, but Cena manages to kick out! The Miz then tries to negotiate a Skull Crushing Finale off of the top rope but Cena counters, hitting the Attitude Adjustment off of the second rope to finally put The Miz away, ensuring that The Miz will have to enter the Elimination Chamber Match first.

In a rematch between the two teams, Gallows & Anderson were set to face The Revival on RAW but The Revival would ambush Gallows & Anderson before the match before Gallows & Anderson chase The Revival out of the ring before the match gets underway. In the end, it was The Revival hitting Karl Anderson with the Shatter Machine as Scott Dawson pins Anderson to pick up the win for The Revival.

RAW General Manager Kurt Angle then comes down to the ring with the promise of “breaking news” regarding his son, Jason Jordan. Before getting to this breaking news, the GM says that he comes out there with “mixed emotions” before Kurt reveals that, at WWE Elimination Chamber in less than two weeks, Ronda Rousey will be making an appearance to sign her contract to officially become a RAW Superstar! Kurt then says that, following Jason Jordan’s neck surgery last Tuesday, Jason will be out of commission and Jason will unfortunately miss WrestleMania and the crowd responds with cheers and “yes” chants. Kurt continues, saying that he comes out there every week and is calm, cool, and collected, but he can’t do that anymore. Kurt then says that he’s not talking to them as the GM, he’s talking to them as a father. Kurt then tells the fans that, if they get any kind of “joy” out of seeing a WWE Superstar get injured and miss WrestleMania, then they should be “ashamed” of themselves.

Kurt continues, saying that Jason Jordan is a human being and Jason is his son before saying that he just wants them to wish Jason well on his recovery. Kurt is then interrupted by Jason Jordan’s former tag team partner Seth Rollins as Seth makes his way to the ring. Rollins says that Jason is a “good kid” and he’s in a tough spot, saying that he knows what it’s like to get injured and miss WrestleMania. Seth then says that WrestleMania moments are “not guaranteed”, saying that WrestleMania is just around the corner and he doesn’t have a title nor does he have a match at WWE Elimination Chamber. The GM then offers to find Seth another tag team partner says “thanks but no thanks” to the offer before saying that he doesn’t want to be a “part of Monday Night RAW”, he wants to “be Monday Night RAW”. Seth continues, saying that he wants to be “the man” one more time, saying that he wants Brock Lesnar, he wants the Universal Championship, and he wants it at WrestleMania! Rollins then says that the only way that he can do that is by winning the Elimination Chamber Match.

Kurt says that he loves Seth’s enthusiasm but he can’t just cancel the Second Chance Fatal 4-Way Match tonight but Rollins says that he wants to “earn” his opportunity just like everybody else, suggesting that Kurt put him in the match and make it a Fatal 5-Way Match. However, the GM says that it wouldn’t be “fair” to the other four Superstars, telling Seth not to put him in a bad spot. Rollins says that it sucks that Jason Jordan is going to miss out on his WrestleMania moment but that doesn’t mean that he’s got to miss out on his. Kurt then thinks it over before deciding to poll the crowd on if he should put Seth in the match with the crowd voicing their approval so Kurt makes it official, adding Rollins to the main event of RAW where the winner will get the final spot in the Elimination Chamber Match!

Best friends and former rivals would then square off on RAW as San Jose’s own Bayley would go one-on-one with “The Boss” Sasha Banks. During the match, Bayley would go for the elbow drop off of the top rope, but Sasha Banks would move out of the way before Sasha locks in the Bank Statement before Bayley is able to get to the bottom rope to force the break. Shortly after this, Bayley is able to catch Sasha with the Bayley-to-Belly off of the top rope, pinning “The Boss” to pick up the win in her hometown. After the match, Bayley and Sasha would come face-to-face in the middle of the ring but before we could see what would happen between the two best friends, Bayley and Sasha would get ambushed by Nia Jax, leveling both Superstars. Nia then picks Bayley up, planting Bayley with a Samoan Drop before picking Sasha up, dropping “The Boss” with a Samoan Drop as well. Nia is then interviewed about her actions, saying that Sasha and Bayley have both taken Asuka to the limit in recent weeks before saying that she is the only one who can break Asuka’s streak.

In a match requested by Alexa Bliss, the RAW Women’s Champion would form an uneasy partnership with Mickie James to combat Absolution’s Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville, with Paige in their corner, less than two weeks before all four are part of the first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber Match. During the match, Sonya Deville would knock Alexa Bliss off of the ring apron, which would leave Mickie James open for the Bed of Roses by Mandy Rose, who pins Mickie for the win. After the match, Mandy & Sonya would put the boots to Mickie before Alexa makes the save, sending Absolution packing and coming to the aid of Mickie once again.

Elias then appears on RAW for a special musical performance regarding his opponents inside the Elimination Chamber. However, the performance is interrupted by Braun Strowman, who is seated on the stage, ready for a performance of his own. Braun then grabs a comically oversized guitar, strumming the guitar until it breaks before singing to Elias that, when his song is over, Elias is going to “get these hands”. Braun then picks up his large guitar and heads to the ring but Elias tries to make peace by agreeing to put his guitar down if Braun puts his down. Elias puts his down so Braun puts his down before Strowman enters the ring. Elias gets the jump on “The Monster Among Men” before trying to use the guitar as a weapon but Braun battles back before squashing Elias with the running powerslam! As Braun stands tall, Elias manages to get out of the ring, crawling up the ramp before Strowman spots Elias and decides to grab his giant guitar and stalk Elias up the stage. Strowman then lifts the huge instrument over his head before smashing the supersized guitar over the back of Elias, leaving Elias motionless on the stage as referees and medical staff rush out to tend to Elias.

After a disqualification end to he and Seth Rollins’ match against Cesaro & Sheamus last week, Roman Reigns would go one-on-one with RAW Tag Team Champion Sheamus, with Cesaro in his corner. After taking Cesaro out on the outside with the Superman Punch, Roman Reigns would catch Sheamus with a Spear out of mid-air in the ring, pinning Sheamus to pick up the win.

As originally announced by ESPN.com, it was announced during RAW that the latest inductee in the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame will be three-time former Women’s Champion Ivory, who will join Goldberg and The Dudley Boyz in being enshrined as WWE Hall of Famers on April 6 in New Orleans!

Then it was time for the main event as Finn Balor, Bray Wyatt, “Woken” Matt Hardy, Apollo Crews, and Seth Rollins would compete in a Second Chance Fatal 5-Way Match where the first Superstar to score a pinfall or submission will win the match and will earn the final spot in the Men’s Elimination Chamber Match. During the chaotic match, “Woken” Matt Hardy would hit Bray Wyatt with the Twist of Fate but Finn Balor would break it up with the Coup de Grace to Matt’s back before Seth Rollins hits Finn with the Curb Stomp but Apollo Crews breaks up the pinfall. Shortly after this, Matt Hardy would get back in the fray but it wouldn’t be long before Bray pulls Matt out of the ring, hitting Matt with Sister Abigail on the outside. Bray then tries for a superplex off of the top rope to Apollo Crews but Seth Rollins and Finn Balor get involved as Seth and Finn end up powerbombing Bray Wyatt off of the second rope as Bray brings Apollo along for the ride! Seth and Finn then both go for the pin on Bray with the referee counting to three with Seth and Finn unaware that they both just pinned Bray at the same time! The referee then informs Finn and Seth that they both pinned Bray, leading to an argument between Seth, Finn, and the referee, leaving everyone questioning who the sixth participant in the Elimination Chamber Match will be.

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