WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, & Chairs 2015 Results


Detailed Results

The final WWE event of 2015 kicks off with a potentially show-stealing match as the WWE Tag Team Titles were suspended high above the ring as The New Day’s Big E & Kofi Kingston, with Xavier Woods a guest on commentary, would defend the WWE Tag Team Titles against both The Usos and The Lucha Dragons in a Triple Threat Ladder Match, where the first Superstar or Superstars to climb a ladder and retrieve the title belts hanging high above the ring will win the match and walk out as the WWE Tag Team Champions. The match starts with The New Day setting up a ladder in the ring before all three teams try to end the match early with all six men scrambling to try and climb the ladder before The Lucha Dragons gain an early advantage, taking out Big E & Kofi on the outside before The Usos toss a ladder out to the four men on the outside.

The twins then take flight, diving out of the ring onto Big E, Kofi, and The Lucha Dragons, using the ladder to take all four men out. Back in the ring, The Usos would set up a ladder, but the biggest man on the match, Big E, would take down both Usos before Kofi smashes one of The Usos with a ladder on the outside. Big E & Kofi then pin an Uso in the corner between a ladder and the corner, stomping the ladder into Uso’s face before the other Uso is slammed onto the ladder. Big E then contends with both Lucha Dragons, using a ladder to force both high flyers into the corner before Kofi climbs the upside down ladder, but Sin Cara gets the better of the exchange as Sin Cara rides the ladder all the way down onto Kofi!

Sin Cara then dives out of the ring, landing on a ladder that was lying on Kofi and one of The Usos as, in the ring, Kalisto pins Big E under the ladder, trying to climb the ladder. Sin Cara would join his partner in climbing the ladder, but the power of Big E would come into play as Big E tips the ladder over before The Usos drop Big E with a double super kick. With Big E pinned in between the ladder and the corner, both Usos would charge at Big E, crushing the big man between the ladder and the corner. The Usos then turn their attention to Kofi Kingston as one of The Usos slam Kofi on top of a ladder before Uso climbs to the top, but Kofi saves himself, getting off of the ladder in time. Kofi then meets Uso on the top rope, but Kofi finds himself caught up on the top rope and Uso smashes a ladder into the chest of Kofi, holding the ladder in place as his brother crushes Kofi between the ladder and the corner.

The Usos then set a ladder up in the center of the ring, but this leads to a stand-off between The Usos and The Lucha Dragons and The Lucha Dragons would ultimately gain the advantage with Sin Cara monkey-flipping Kalisto through the air with Kalisto landing on a ladder with an Uso underneath! Kofi Kingston then re-enters the fray, trying to get the better of The Lucha Dragons, but after taking down Sin Cara, Kofi would get caught by Kalisto as the masked high flyer uses a hurrincanrana to send Kofi face-first into a ladder! With a ladder set up as a bridge from the middle rope to the ladder in the ring, it would come down to Kalisto and one of The Usos climbing the ladder with Kalisto grabbing Uso and, in one of the most insane spots in the history of Ladder Matches, Kalisto would hit the Salida del Sol off the top of the ladder, sending Kalisto and Uso through the bridged ladder, snapping the ladder in half!

Big E then returns to the ring, taking over the match until one of The Usos drives a ladder into the face of Big E on the outside. Uso then climbs to the top rope, delivering a modified Superfly Splash to the ladder-laden Big E on the outside! Somehow, Kalisto manages to slowly climb the ladder in the ring, but Xavier Woods would get involved, tossing his trombone at the back of Kalisto. This would allow Kofi Kingston to take advantage as Kofi takes out Kalisto before making his way up the ladder, unhooking the WWE Tag Team Title belts to win the match for The New Day, successfully retaining the WWE Tag Team Titles after a Triple Threat Ladder Match for the ages.

WWE TLC would then feature a collision of two of WWE’s premiere powerhouses as “The Big Guy” Ryback would go one-on-one with “The Bulgarian Brute” Rusev, with Lana in his corner. During the match, Ryback would size Rusev up for the Meat Hook Clothesline, but Rusev would roll out of the ring and Rusev & Lana were set to walk out on the match, but Ryback brings Rusev back to ringside. However, Lana would then get involved, again feigning an injury to distract Ryback, giving Rusev the opening to blast “The Big Guy” with a big side kick. Rusev then rolls Ryback in the ring, catching “The Big Guy” with another kick before locking in the Accolade, rendering Ryback unconscious, giving Rusev the submission victory.

The United States Championship would then be on the line in extreme fashion as Alberto Del Rio would make his first defense of the prestigious championship against “The Real American” Jack Swagger in a Chairs Match, where steel chairs would be legal for both competitors to use with the first man to score a pinfall or submission walking out as the United States Champion. The match would start with both men grabbing steel chairs, wailing them at each other with the steel connecting several times before Jack Swagger takes advantage. However, Alberto Del Rio would turn the tide as the champion would use a chair to gain the advantage before Del Rio wedges the chair in the corner. After hitting the Back Stabber, Del Rio would target the back of Swagger, wearing Swagger out with chair shots before Swagger manages to throw the chair in the champion’s face.

Later on in the match, Swagger would send Del Rio shoulder-first into the chair wedged in the corner before Swagger targets the ankle of the champion, using a chair to implement a modified version of his Patriot Lock! Del Rio would manage to make it to the ropes, but with no disqualifications in the match, that would mean nothing and the champion would have to climb all the way out of the ring to break out of the hold. After failing to put Del Rio away with his signature splash in the corner, Swagger would toss a pile of chairs in the ring. However, this would prove to be Swagger’s undoing as Del Rio would move the pile to the corner before using his double stomp to the chest of the challenger, smashing Swagger into the pile of steel, pinning Swagger to successfully retain the United States Title!

Then it was time for gang warfare of a hardcore nature as legendary patrons of extreme The Dudley Boyz would team with their longtime allies Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno to face all four members of The Wyatt Family, Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, & Braun Strowman, in an 8-Man Elimination Tag Team Tables Match, where the only way to win is by putting all four members of the opposing team through a table! The match would start off in wild fashion with all eight men brawling in the ring before Tommy Dreamer introduces the ‘toys’ into the matchup, tossing trash cans and kendo sticks into the ring as the team of ECW Originals use the trash cans to gain the early advantage. The battle is quick to spill out of the ring with Braun Strowman gaining the early dominance, taking down all four ECW Originals before smashing a trash can over the back of Rhyno.

Bubba Ray then sets up a table in the corner, but Strowman is quick to try and neutralize Bubba Ray, but the veteran is able to dodge a big boot from Strowman as Braun puts his foot through the table in the corner. D-Von then comes back in the ring, followed by Dreamer and Rhyno as the four extreme experts briefly isolate Braun Strowman before Erick Rowan intervenes, taking down the ECW Originals before setting up a table that has “Rowan” written on it. Rowan would then look to put D-Von through the table with a splash off of the top rope, but Rhyno would make the save. The four extreme Superstars then isolate Erick Rowan, setting up a table in the middle of the ring as The Dudley Boyz put Rowan through the table with the 3-D, eliminating Rowan from the match!

With the one man disadvantage, The Wyatt Family would swarm The ECW Originals as Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper isolate Rhyno in the ring, setting up a table in the corner and, as Bubba Ray and Braun Strowman trade blows on the outside, Rhyno would try to battle back against Wyatt and Harper. The former ECW World Champion would manage to take down both Wyatt Family members, but when Rhyno sizes Bray up for the Gore, Wyatt would catch the charging Rhyno with a forearm before Luke Harper uses a big boot to put Rhyno through a table, eliminating Rhyno and evening things up. Later on in the match, D-Von would bring a table into the ring, setting it up with the intent of putting Bray Wyatt through it, but unbeknownst to D-Von, Bray was lying in wait and D-Von would turn right around into the waiting Wyatt, who puts D-Von through the table with his one-armed slam.

With only Bubba Ray and Tommy Dreamer remaining on their team, the two ECW Originals would set their sights on Braun Strowman on the outside and, after Dreamer takes a cheese grater to the genitals of Strowman, the extreme veterans would bury Strowman under a pile of tables! Dreamer then enters the ring, but Luke Harper was waiting and, after slamming Dreamer in the ring, Harper would toss Dreamer to the outside before the big man would dive to the outside, colliding with Dreamer and putting “The Heart and Soul of ECW” through a table, leaving Bubba Ray to combat a three-on-one situation against the remaining Wyatt Family members. Despite the odds, Bubba Ray would refuse to give up as the extreme Superstar would grab a kendo stick, using it to keep Bray Wyatt from connecting with Sister Abigail. Bubba Ray then drops Bray with a big boot before Bubba Ray sets a table up in the ring, but that was not good enough for the ECW Original as Bubba Ray would grab a bottle of lighter fluid from under the ring, drenching the table in the flammable liquid. However, Bubba Ray would not get a chance to light the table on fire as Luke Harper would intervene with a super kick before Braun Strowman lifts Bubba Ray up, driving Bubba Ray through the drenched table with a huge chokeslam, eliminating Bubba Ray and winning the match for The Wyatt Family.

The Intercontinental Championship was then on the line at WWE TLC as Kevin Owens would put the prestigious championship on the line against “The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose. During the match, Kevin Owens would send his challenger over the barricade on the outside, but much to Owens’ chagrin, Dean Ambrose would barely make it back into the ring before the referee’s ten-count. Later on in the match, Ambrose would twice avoid the Pop-Up Powerbomb before scoring with Dirty Deeds and Ambrose would go for the pin, but Owens would manage to get just his fingertips on the bottom rope to avoid defeat. Owens would then go for the Pop-Up Powerbomb a third time, but Ambrose would counter into a roll-up, keeping Owens down for the three-count to become the brand new Intercontinental Champion!

A personal war over the Divas Championship would then take place at WWE TLC as Charlotte, with her Hall of Fame father Ric Flair in her corner, would defend the top prize in the Divas division against her former friend Paige. Early on in the match, the strategy from the Flairs would become apparent as Ric Flair would provide the distraction, allowing Charlotte to gain the advantage. Later on in the match, Ric Flair would distract the referee by trying to remove the middle turnbuckle to keep his daughter from getting counted out. Shortly after this, Paige would manage to lock in Flair’s own Figure-Four on Charlotte, but the champion was able to get to the ropes to break the hold. Paige would then spike Charlotte with the Ram Paige, but when Paige goes for the cover, Flair would put his daughter’s foot under the bottom rope to break up the pin. With Paige’s attention on Ric Flair, Charlotte would expose the steel of the middle turnbuckle, dropping Paige face-first into the steel, pinning Paige to successfully retain the Divas Title in the most dubious fashion.

Then it was time for the main event as WWE’s top prize would be decided in extreme fashion as “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns would challenge Sheamus for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match, where the WWE World Heavyweight Title belt would be hanging high above the ring with the first man to climb a ladder and retrieve the title belt walking out as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The match starts off with the two powerhouses trading blows in the ring before the fight spills to the outside where Sheamus tosses a ladder at the challenger before Roman Reigns sends Sheamus over the ringside barricade. Roman is then quick to prepare the champion’s destruction, exposing the announce table before bridging a large ladder between the announce table and the ring before Sheamus tosses a chair at Roman’s back. Sheamus then brings a table into the ring, propping it up against the ropes before Roman fights back, sending both champion and challenger careening over the top rope to the outside.

Roman then takes Sheamus up the ramp to the stage, tossing the champion into a stack of tables and chairs before setting up a table in the entranceway. Reigns would try to powerbomb Sheamus through the table, but Sheamus would counter, sending Reigns through the table to the concrete floor! The champion then clears off another table before lifting Roman up and slamming him through that table as well! Already showing the effects of the intense match, Sheamus would set up a ladder in the ring before Reigns returns to the fight only for Roman to catch a ladder to the face on the outside for his troubles. Sheamus then grabs a chair with the intention of smashing Roman’s skull on the steel steps, but Reigns would move out of the way before sending the champion shoulder-first into the steps.

Sheamus then avoids the Drive-By from Reigns before regaining the advantage in the match, setting up the steel steps next to a table before picking Roman up, walking up the steps and driving Roman through the table with White Noise! Sheamus then rolls Roman back into the ring before the champion uses a ladder to beat Roman down before Sheamus would attempt White Noise again, but Roman would battle back, ultimately slamming the champion back-first on the ladder. The match then returns to the outside where Roman grabs a chair, getting a running start, and leaping off of the steel steps, catching Sheamus with a chair to the skull. Back in the ring, Reigns would look for the Superman Punch, but Sheamus would counter with his Irish Curse Backbreaker. Champion and challenger would then battle for control on the ring apron with Reigns getting the advantage, picking Sheamus up and driving Sheamus through the bridged ladder at ringside with a hellacious Samoan Drop that breaks the ladder clean in half!

With Sheamus laid out amongst the remains of the ladder, Roman Reigns would somehow manage to pull himself up and into the ring. Roman would then set up a ladder in the center of the ring, making his way up the ladder before Sheamus is barely able to stop him. Both men then battle to keep the other off of the ladder with Roman fighting out of Sheamus’ grip before catching the champion with the Superman Punch. Reigns then climbs the ladder again, but Sheamus is able to tip the ladder over, sending Reigns crashing to the mat. Sheamus then climbs the ladder, but Roman is able to leap up and catch the champion with another Superman Punch, this time knocking Sheamus completely off the ladder and through the table leaned against the ropes! It then looked as though nothing would stop Reigns from retrieving the WWE World Heavyweight Title belt, but when Roman gets within reach of the title belt, Sheamus’ League of Nations comrades Rusev and Alberto Del Rio emerge and pull Roman off of the ladder. Roman then does his best to combat the two-on-one attack, but a kick from Del Rio would put an end to Roman’s fight.

On the outside, Rusev would grab a near motionless Reigns, locking Roman in the Accolade as, in the ring, Del Rio is doing his best to help Sheamus climb the ladder. However, Roman slips out of Rusev’s grasp and the challenger would take out both Rusev and Del Rio before realizing that Sheamus was reaching for the title belt in the ring. Roman then enters the ring, pulling the champion off of the ladder, but Sheamus emerges out of nowhere with the Brogue Kick, knocking Reigns out of the ring. Sheamus then slowly pulls himself up the ladder and, as Roman is barely able to get into the ring, Sheamus unhooks the title belt as Sheamus successfully retains the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a hellacious match thanks to The League of Nations.

After coming so close to becoming the champion again only to have it ripped away from him yet again, Roman Reigns had reached his breaking point as, after the match, Reigns would interrupt the celebration of The League of Nations as, with Sheamus on the shoulders of Rusev and Del Rio, Roman would deliver a Spear to both men, sending The League of Nations toppling over. Roman was not finished, however, as Reigns would grab a steel chair, waylaying both Rusev & Del Rio with chair shots before using the chair on Sheamus, jabbing the chair into the back of the champion. Reigns then wears Sheamus out with the chair before Triple H & Stephanie McMahon come out to ringside with every available referee to try and stop the assault. However, Roman would keep The Authority at bay, staring at Triple H & Stephanie with a crazed look in his eye as he delivers another chair shot to Sheamus. Triple H then gets on the ring apron, telling the referees to stay out of the ring, trying to keep things calm, telling Roman to “calm down”.

Two of the referees then roll Sheamus to the edge of the ring as Triple H enters the ring, turning his back to Roman Reigns as he checks on the champion and, as soon as Triple H turns around to confront Roman, he is blasted with the Superman Punch! Incensed over his treatment throughout 2015, Reigns would set his sights on the catalyst for much of his misfortune, delivering a chair shot to the mid-section of the COO and a second to Triple H’s back! As Stephanie begs Roman to stop the assault, Reigns delivers three more chair shots to Triple H. The COO then rolls to the outside where he is tended to by Stephanie and the referees, but Roman was not through yet as Reigns would expose the Spanish announce table before bouncing Triple H face-first off of the other announce table.

Triple H then tries to shove Reigns away to no avail as Roman catches Triple H with an uppercut. Reigns then lifts the COO up, drilling Triple H with a powerbomb on the Spanish announce table with the announce table not budging an inch! As a barely conscious Triple H lies prone on the Spanish announce table, Reigns would then climb the other announce table, putting the COO through the Spanish announce table with an elbow drop! Stephanie then rushes to her husband’s side as referees try to keep Roman away from the scene before WWE doctors tend to Triple H. Triple H is then helped to his feet as referees and medical personnel try to help the COO to the back, but that is when Reigns would charge back down to ringside, charging full force at a helpless Triple H, nearly breaking the COO in half with the Spear! Roman then looks down at his broken boss before walking to the back, showing no remorse for his actions as Stephanie screams that Roman is going to pay for what he’s done to her husband, who lies face-first on the arena floor, clutching his mid-section and clinging to consciousness as referees and medical personnel tend to the COO.

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