WWE RAW Results: February 10, 2014


The Champ is Near?

The 1081st edition of WWE Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. With just thirteen nights remaining before he defends the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against five of the WWE’s top Superstars inside the Elimination Chamber, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton would be in for a long night on RAW as “The Viper” would face a Superstar who has to been to war with in every match type and at every event imaginable in John Cena. After losing to Daniel Bryan on last week’s RAW and defeating Christian on SmackDown, can Randy Orton defeat his longtime nemesis John Cena?

Also, for the first time since being put on the shelf with a dislocated shoulder at the hands of Brock Lesnar last month, “The World’s Strongest Man” would return as Mark Henry would re-surface on RAW. What does “The World’s Strongest Man” have in store for the WWE and its Superstars? Will Mark Henry seek out Brock Lesnar?

With RAW emanating from Los Angeles, it is only fitting that Monday night be graced by one of the living legends and most beloved television icons of all-time as the impossible-to-love actress from such shows as The Golden Girls, Hot in Cleveland, and Off Their Rockers would make a special appearance on WWE’s flagship program as the Emmy Award-winning Betty White would appear, live, on RAW!

Match Results

  • 6-Man Tag: The Wyatt Family def. Goldust, Cody Rhodes, & Rey Mysterio by Bray Wyatt pinning Rey Mysterio following the Sister Abigail.
  • Fandango def. Santino Marella by pin following the leg drop off of the top rope.
  • Sheamus & Christian def. The Real Americans by Sheamus pinning Jack Swagger following the Brogue Kick.
  • Alberto Del Rio def. Dolph Ziggler by pin following the straight kick to the face.
  • The Usos def. Ryback & Curtis Axel by Jimmy Uso pinning Curtis Axel following the Superfly Splash.
  • United States Championship: Mark Henry def. Dean Ambrose (c) by DQ after Seth Rollins interferes. As a result, Dean Ambrose (c) retains.
  • 6-Diva Tag: Cameron & The Bella Twins def. AJ Lee, Aksana, & Alicia Fox by Cameron pinning Aksana following a DDT.
  • Non-Title: John Cena def. Randy Orton by pin following the Attitude Adjustment.

Detailed Results

RAW kicks off with the Guest Host of RAW as Big Show leads the Emmy Award-winning television legend Betty White to the stage as Betty expresses how happy she is to be on RAW and he is ready to “kick some ass”. However, the mood of Big Show changes with the arrival of The Authority as Triple H & Stephanie McMahon greet Betty White and exchange glances with Big Show before The Authority make their way to the ring. With chants of “CM Punk” blasting throughout the arena, Triple H explains that they are “reconsidering” all five of Randy Orton’s challengers inside the Elimination Chamber in being the “face of the WWE”, but the COO is quickly interrupted by the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton, who makes his way to the ring. Stephanie recommends that Randy Orton head to the back and prepare for his match against John Cena later tonight. The champion says that he is out there to “apologize” for his actions, admitting that he has been “childish” as of late, but that all changes tonight as he will channel his inner “Viper” to defeat John Cena here tonight. With the crowd chanting “Daniel Bryan”, Stephanie asks Orton if he is feeling the “pressure” of the chants he is hearing right now. Orton says that he is thinking about six months ago when, in that very arena, he cashed in his Money-in-the-Bank briefcase and, on that night, he was promised that he would be the “face of the WWE”. Orton continues, saying that he wants to be the “face of the WWE” outside of the ring and he wants to interviewed on television and he wants to be on cereal boxes, saying that, in addition to being the “face of the WWE”, he is also the “heart and soul” of the WWE.

The crowd then erupts with the arrival of Daniel Bryan, telling Randy Orton that Orton is a completely different “body part”. Stephanie says that she does not appreciate being interrupted by Orton and Bryan, making the decree that, from now on, any Superstar or Diva who wishes to speak with them will have to make an “appointment” with their Director of Operations, Kane. Daniel Bryan makes the argument that Kane is nowhere to be found unless the Director of Operations is instructed to do the “bidding” of The Authority like he did last week. Bryan continues, saying that Kane “failed” and he beat Randy Orton last week, saying that he decided to go over Kane’s head. Bryan then says that he does not want to make an appointment with Kane, he wants to have a match with Kane here tonight! Stephanie says that Daniel Bryan attacked Kane first last week, but they do not condone Kane’s actions and, as a result, Kane is on “administrative leave” for the next week and the Director of Operations has a “strongly worded letter of reprimand”. Daniel Bryan asks The Authority who is doing their “performance approval, calling Triple H & Stephanie a “combination of arrogance and stupidity”. Randy Orton sticks up for The Authority, saying that Daniel Bryan should be “honored” to be in the same ring as Triple H & Stephanie McMahon. Bryan says that everyone knows how Orton feels about Stephanie, reminding everyone of a few years ago when Orton handcuffed Triple H to the ring ropes and kissed Stephanie in front of him. Orton offers to take care of Daniel Bryan for The Authority, but Triple H says that won’t be necessary before saying that, in Daniel Bryan’s “agitated state”, it is best if The Authority gives Daniel Bryan the night off! Daniel Bryan chants “no” in the face of Triple H, igniting a “no” chant from the fans, as well.

Two weeks before they collide with The Shield at WWE Elimination Chamber, the opening match of the night would see all three members of The Wyatt Family taking on the team of Rey Mysterio, Goldust, & Cody Rhodes in a 6-Man Tag Match. During the match, Rey Mysterio would go for the 619 on Luke Harper, but Bray Wyatt would tag himself in, hitting the Sister Abigail on Mysterio, pinning Rey to pick up the win for The Wyatt Family.

Backstage, an interview with The Shield regarding their upcoming match with The Wyatt Family turns into a discussion about Dean Ambrose and his United States Title as Renee Young brings up the fact that Ambrose has not defended the belt since October. Roman Reigns adds fuel to the fire, asking Ambrose what kind of champion Ambrose is. Ambrose argues that there is no man in the WWE who has the “guts” to take the United States Title from him, laying out an open challenge for anyone to face him for the United States Title here tonight!

With the bubbly Australian beauty from NXT, Emma, in his corner, Santino Marella would go one-on-one with Fandango, with Summer Rae in his corner. During the match, The Miz marches to ringside, again putting on a headset and voicing his disapproval with being kept off the show. Miz comments that he is the only one who has been in Hollywood movies, yet he is not on the show and a guy like Fandango, who Miz calls “twinkle toes”, and a guy who’s “act is older than Betty White”, referring to Santino, are on the show. The Miz then sarcastically says “this is awesome” before dropping the headset and walking off. With the focus back on the match, Fandango would hit the leg drop off of the top rope on Santino, pinning Marella for the win.

Before Sheamus and Christian are opponents inside the Elimination Chamber, they would be partners on RAW as “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus and “Captain Charisma” Christian would face The Real Americans, with Zeb Colter in their corner. In the end, it was Sheamus blasting Jack Swagger with the Brogue Kick, pinning Swagger to pick up the win for himself and Christian.

Former rivals would face off on RAW as “The Mexican Aristocrat” Alberto Del Rio would go one-on-one with “The Show-Off” Dolph Ziggler. In the end, it was Dolph Ziggler delivering a straight kick to the face of Dolph Ziggler, pinning Ziggler for the win. After the match, Alberto Del Rio was determined to injure “The Show-Off”, locking in the Cross Armbreaker on Dolph Ziggler. However, “The Animal” rushes to the ring to get a piece of Alberto Del Rio, delivering a Spear to “The Mexican Aristocrat”. Batista then takes Del Rio to the outside, where he sends Del Rio into the steel ring steps before hurling Del Rio into the ringside barricade. “The Animal” then dismantles the announce table before annihilating Del Rio with a Batista Bomb through the announce table! Referees and medical personnel then tend to Del Rio as Batista makes his exit.

Backstage, WWE COO Triple H confronts his old friend, Batista, saying that he needs Batista to “keep it in the ring”, saying that WWE is a publically traded company. The COO says that he is trying to fit Batista in with what’s “best for business”. Batista says that, right now, Del Rio is his business and Triple H responds by giving Batista a match with Del Rio at WWE Elimination Chamber, saying that he is just trying to look out for Batista and Batista says that things really have changed.

With The Ultimate Warrior and Jake “The Snake” Roberts already announced as inductees into this year’s WWE Hall of Fame, the newest inductee was announced on RAW as the innovative and revolutionary former Women’s Champion Lita will take her place among legends in the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014!

With a classic spiked drink mix-up between Betty White and Billy Gunn backstage, the WWE Tag Team Champions, The New Age Outlaws, were guests on commentary as The Usos would face Ryback & Curtis Axel on RAW. In the end, it was Jimmy Uso flying off the top with the Superfly Splash to Curtis Axel, pinning Axel for the win. After the match, a face-off between The New Age Outlaws and The Usos is cut short by Billy Gunn, who has to make a quick exit to the back, feeling the effects of his spiked drink.

For the first time since October, the United States Championship would be on the line on RAW as The Shield’s Dean Ambrose, with Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns in his corner, would defend the United States Title against whoever accepts Ambrose’s open challenge. However, Dean Ambrose’s expression changes dramatically when his challenger is revealed to be “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry! In the end, Mark Henry was a three-count away from winning the United States Title after hitting the World’s Strongest Slam, but Seth Rollins would jump in, attacking Mark Henry, resulting in the disqualification victory for Mark Henry, meaning that Dean Ambrose keeps the title. After the match, Mark Henry would do his best to fight off The Shield, but would find himself laid out with a Spear by Roman Reigns. The Shield’s exit is then halted by The Wyatt Family, who make their entrance into the arena, making their way to ringside. The Shield then hops back over the barricade into the ringside area and The Wyatt Family steps forward on the other side of the ring. The Shield is the first to move, climbing onto the ring apron, followed shortly by The Wyatt Family. Roman Reigns then leads the charge, stepping inside the ring. Bray Wyatt then starts to step into the ring, but thinks better of it as The Wyatt Family drops from the ring apron, leaving The Shield standing in the ring, ready for a fight.

The Divas were in action on RAW as Divas Champion AJ Lee, with Tamina Snuka in her corner, would team with Aksana & Alicia Fox to face Cameron & The Bella Twins, with Cameron in their corner, in 6-Diva Tag action. In the end, it was Cameron hitting a DDT on Aksana, pinning Aksana for the win.

Despite Stephanie McMahon saying that he was on “administrative leave” for one week, WWE Director of Operations Kane appeared on RAW. Kane says that he acted on his own “volition” last week and he admits that it was “ill-advised”. Kane then says that The Authority had nothing to do with his actions, but before the Director of Operations can continue, Daniel Bryan comes out. Bryan wastes no time in rushing to the ring as he and Kane exchange blows. Bryan would manage to escape the chokeslam before the fight spills to the outside, where Daniel Bryan hits a running dropkick on Kane that sends the Director of Operations over the ringside barricade and into the crowd. Kane then retreats through the crowd as Daniel Bryan leads the crowd in a “yes” chant.

Then it was time for the main event of the evening as, before he joins Christian, Sheamus, Antonio Cesaro, & Daniel Bryan as challengers in the Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, John Cena would face a long-standing rival in the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton. In a back-and-forth battle between the two familiar rivals, John Cena would hit a leg drop off of the top rope and follow it up with the Attitude Adjustment, pinning the WWE World Heavyweight Champion for the crucial win!

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