Sizing Up 5 Potential Wrestlemania Opponents for Brock Lesnar

The Road to Wrestlemania is officially underway. One of the hottest superstars entering the WWE’s grand 30th anniversary extravaganza is none other than The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar. The one constant Heyman guy is a shoe-in for a spot at the big event, but who will he face? Let’s take a closer look at some potential Wrestlemania 30 opponents for Brock Lesnar.


1. Randy Orton

Brock Lesnar made his intentions clear when he returned on the December 30 episode of RAW and declared himself the number one contender. Heyman announced that his client would be waiting for the winner of the rematch between Randy Orton and John Cena, and sure enough, the Beast made good on that promise when interrupting Orton’s speech during the post Royal Rumble episode. Heyman called for Raw General Manager Brad Maddox to set up a match against Orton for the WWE World Championship on Raw, alerting the corporate mouthpiece that the Authority had to the end of the night to render a decision.

Strangely, the Authority never gave an answer, so for now, Lesnar’s status in the title picture remains questionable. However, with the Batista backlash lingering, it’s very possible that the WWE will somehow manage to squeeze Brock into the main event. Which brings us to our next candidate.

2. Batista

You may recall that Batista was the first to interrupt Randy Orton’s promo on the post Rumble edition of Raw. Over a chorus of boos, the Animal congratulated the champ on a successful title defense against John Cena and promised that nothing would stop him from leaving Wrestlemania as the new champion. Lesnar came down and rained on both their parades, authorizing Paul Heyman to lay down a challenge to both Orton for the title, and Batista for the number one contendership. Like I said, the Authority never delivered an answer, but that segment opened the door for a potential showdown between Animal and Beast.

If Brock Lesnar wiggles his way into the championship match at the Elimination Chamber, it could set up what once would have been considered a dream match of super heavyweights. I also wouldn’t rule out a three-way dance that puts Orton into the mix. We all know the WWE will try to save face with a triple threat championship bout in a heartbeat.

3. Undertaker

No one has seen the Undertaker since he was decimated by the Shield on Friday Night Smackdown nearly a year ago. But it’s Wrestlemania season, so the chances that the Deadman will make yet another resurrection are very high. With the illustrious undefeated streak on the line, the annual Undertaker match is considered a main event in and of itself, and tends to draw heavy speculation about who gets the next crack at ending it. When taking his recent roll into account, Brock Lesnar may be the biggest threat to Taker’s streak since Triple H attempted to end it in Hell in a Cell with HBK in the mix at Wrestlemania 28.

4. Sheamus

One intriguing story that’s sort of been overshadowed by the Royal Rumble controversy is the return of Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior showed up as a surprise Rumble entrant, where he looked very dominant in spots. He also secured a ticket to the Elimination Chamber, along with partners John Cena and Daniel Bryan thanks to a six-man victory over the Shield on the post Rumble Raw. Sheamus is one of few powerhouses on the roster Brock has yet to face. I think many would agree that he is also one of few superstars who would serve as a worthy opponent for Lesnar at WWE’s signature event.


5. Daniel Bryan

Believe it or not, but this may be one of the safest Wrestlemania matches WWE can make as far as a certain superstar is concerned, “yes”? That was your corny hint. Although it would appear to be a mismatch when looking at the size of both competitors, it’s actually a mark’s dream match – a former NCAA Wrestling and UFC Champion against the man many consider the best technical pro wrestler today. Despite being a heel for most of his WWE career, Brock has always been fairly popular. And we all known Bryan’s popularity is quickly trending towards revolutionary degrees. This match may not draw the biggest numbers on the PPV side, but it’ sure to blow the roof off the Super Dome!

Brock Lesnar’s Wrestlemania 30 match will surely be one of the most anticipated segments of the event. Who do you think he will square off against? Is it someone from this list, or someone most of us haven’t even considered?


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