WWE Spoilers: WWE Bringing Back More Former Divas?

After The Bella Twins, Brie Bella & Nikki Bella, made an unexpected return to the WWE on Monday’s RAW, F4WOnline.com is reporting that this is just the beginning of WWE trying to bring former Divas back to the company and The Bella Twins’ return was apparently about six or seven weeks in the making when WWE decided that the Divas division was worth saving. WWE is reportedly offering more money to the former Divas than what they made in their most recent run and Brie & Nikki were the quickest to accept WWE’s initial offer to return to the company. For those wondering, The Bella Twins are under contract to the WWE now and their appearance on RAW was not a one-off. While it is not known which Divas WWE are looking to bring back into the company, one can assume that they are only pursuing Divas that left or were released on good terms and, of course, Divas who are not under contract with TNA (like Victoria, Gail Kim, or Mickie James).

Over the last couple of years, WWE has lost or released a host of Divas that could potentially return to the company in the near future. Names such as Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Maryse, and Michelle McCool have all been discussed for possible returns in the future as all four of them left on reasonably decent terms with the company. Eve Torres and WWE agreed on her departure from the company back in January so Eve could join her fiance as a teacher at the jujitsu academy, Gracie University. Kelly Kelly (Barbie Blank) was released from the company in September as Kelly Kelly wanted to pursue other endeavors outside of the WWE, such as acting and modeling, which led to WWE agreeing on Kelly Kelly’s release. Maryse (Ouellet) has been out of the WWE since October of 2011 when the French-Canadian Diva was released from her contract due to Maryse’s desire to pursue a full-time modeling career and WWE not having any future plans for her. Michelle McCool opted to leave the WWE after Extreme Rules in 2011 to spend more time with her real-life husband Mark Calaway (The Undertaker) and, together, McCool & Calaway have one daughter. In the cases of both Maryse and Michelle McCool, their relationships with contracted WWE talent (Maryse with The Miz and McCool with Undertaker) may lead to their spouses convincing them to return.

WWE are reportedly not interested in the likes of Kharma, Maxine, Beth Phoenix, or Melina for different reasons. Kharma (Kia Stevens) was let go in July of last year due to weight gain and, at last word, Kharma was looking to get involved with a reality show where she would lose weight on the air (akin to The Biggest Loser). Maxine (Karlee Perez) was granted her release from the WWE in June of last year as she wanted to pursue “other options” outside of the wrestling business. Beth Phoenix’s (Elizabeth Carolan) contract with the WWE expired in October and both sides opted not to renew it as Phoenix wanted to retire from the wrestling business to spend more time with her boyfriend, WWE Hall of Famer Edge (who has refused to be signed to a Legends contract with the WWE), who was getting set for neck surgery late last year. Edge’s shaky relationship with the WWE will likely keep WWE from even trying to bring Phoenix back. When it comes to Melina (Perez), she is probably the least likely to be asked for a return. While talented in the ring, Melina made a name for herself behind the scenes for getting romantically involved with a number of WWE Superstars, all while in a relationship with John Morrison, but, more importantly, Melina developed a poor backstage attitude and was known to throw tantrums when angles were brought up that would see her and Morrison being separated on the road.

There has also been talk of WWE bringing back former Women’s Champion, Lita, but will likely be in the role of a trainer for NXT or an ‘agent’ on the road. Lita has made several WWE appearances over the last year or two and has publicly teased the idea of coming back to the WWE. WWE was initially looking to bring Divas up to the main roster from NXT, but when WWE looked to do so, the majority of the hopefuls were nowhere close to ready for the main roster.

Which former Divas do you want to see return? Post your comments in the box below.


  • Kelly Kelly Eve Torres and Michelle McCool and Maryse Kharma back please

  • I would love love to see Melina, Kelly, Maryse, Eve, Michelle and Maria back.. I miss them.

  • No kharma

  • derya

    Eve, Kelly Kelly and Maryse plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! I’ll beg ya!

  • Sherlyn

    Kelly Kelly, Eve, Michelle & Maryse

  • melinafan1304

    I miss Melina alot :'(

  • derya

    Eve, Kelly Kelly, Maryse and Michelle McCool.

  • lita5482

    I would love to see Kelly Kelly, Lita and Eve but Eve took off to get married so I guess we’ll have to wait for a return.

  • Sam

    I want to see the WWE bring back all the former WWE Divas and Superstars as well. Also fire Vickie Guererro and Paul Heyman. Then hire Brooke Hogan as the new WWE Monday Night Raw General Manager.

    • Steven Buchanan

      Brooke is with TNA, her dad works there it that will never happen in a million years unless WWE bought TNA which will never happen.

  • Tykriska

    Kelly Kelly, Eve, Michelle & Maryse
    They’re the best out of all of them

  • Elijah

    Melina! Bring her back, I miss her a lot, she’s hot too! Maryse, Kharma, Kelly Kelly and Michelle McCool should come back too!

  • Steven Buchanan

    1.Beth Phoenix,

    2. Eve,

    3. Michelle McCool

    4. Kharma (but she’ll be skinny she is losing weight lol so…..)

    5. Maryse and Ashley

    6. Melina and Kelly kelly

    Of course Lita or Trish but imagine even 3 of these superstars contending with the new divas division.

  • Bee

    Maryse-Michelle-Lita Lita Lita Lita *_*

  • Isaac Burnett

    Please Bring Back Melina, Candice Michelle, Michelle Mccool, Maryse and Kelly Kelly.

  • aj killer

    Kharma, Melina, Lita and Eve. WWE need to bring Kharma to fight AJ Lee pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasseeee!

  • Jennifer quintanilla

    1. MELINA

  • BarbieBlankFan1998

    They should bring Kelly and Maryse bck as a team as they are both HOT!!!!!

  • mjm561

    Maria Kanellis, Melina Perez, Mickie James and Victoria.

  • DivaLover12

    Please bring back Torrie Wilson, Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Michelle McCool, Candice Michelle, Melina, Lita, and Trish

  • LOve

    Torrie Wilson

  • Cassie

    I believe you should bring back Lita and Kelly Kelly I think AJ and Lita would make a great feud and Kelly Kelly because she showed that you can be both beautiful and tough at the same time but at the end I want whatever will really bring out the divas division and really make them show they deserve a lot more TV time and recognition than they get.

  • Tyler

    I think they should bring back Kharma! I think its messed up that they won’t hire her because she “overweight” if that was the case then Superstars such as Yokozuna, Big Show, Viscera, Mark Henry etc should have not been hired! That proves that WWE is only looking for twigs for WWE Divas!

  • #MELINquentForever

    I don’t think that WWE understands that the company needs all the women that were mentioned in this article. Especially the ones who were RUMOURED to have left the company on bad terms. Kharma, Beth Phoenix, and Maxine and Melina Perez. These women were so talented and made appropriate air time a regular in WWE every week. They worked harder than the men, and were bashed for it. Michelle McCool has even said herself that the girls got into trouble for being “too good” out on stage. The WWE wants to keep the women in their image of what they think they should be as Divas. “Dainty, yet able to take a punch”. Why can’t they just be deemed “As great as the men, if not better”? It’s ridiculous. And why would they be so umprofessional and fire Melina fr RUMOURED bad attitude? It’d be more professional to keep her because she brought in the money that the company wanted. So many people have admitted to only going to shows just to see Melina put on the impressive and most definitely not boring performances that she always put on. WWE is very unprofessional when you really look at what they do with their talent. But, sadly, more so, with the Divas.

    • Jman11

      I agree. Melina should come back!!!


      I agree as well all the divas you mentioned did have good air time they were also talented but NOPE WWE didn’t like that.

  • justice barbie

    It’s funny how they complain about Melina backstage, have they seen AJ on TV? Give it a rest! I think if they bring Melina back and make her the crazy Diva to start a feud with AJ. Plus AJ really just acts like a rag doll maybe Melina can show her how it’s really done. #MELINAQUENT #MYIDOL

  • Bickym

    Chyna !! She wont really be in the divas division but shes great.

  • Jose Mendoza

    I want Melina, Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres and Michelle McCool to come back to WWE please.

  • Jman11

    Melina should come back to the WWE because she’s flexible and so hot! She is what the WWE needs to get it back on track because that’s what I think is best for business. Please!!!!

  • courtwinnr2010@yahoo.com

    Lita, Chyna, Torrie Wilson and Sable.

    • Ray

      Torrie Wilson was a horrible wrestler, overrated, and was just the WWE’s barbie doll just like some of the other divas.

  • wwe CeCe Rae (future diva)

    Michelle McCool

  • Jman11

    Melina was the best WWE diva in the history of wwe and she needs to come back. She needs to come back in 2014!! Please!!!

  • Mariah

    Melina was the best WWE female wrestler.

  • Brandon Roberts

    Really, bring back Kharma, Melina and Mickie James – you could have them have feuds with Paige or other NXT divas.

  • lulu

    They should bring back Maria and Candice Michelle.

  • Pierre Northcutt

    Melina, Maria, Mickie James, Victoria, Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle, Michelle McCool

    Divas like Trish & Lita already proved themselves as legends so they don’t really need a return

  • Alexander Corona

    Candice michelle

  • Roger Lee

    I want Torrie Wilson, Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Jacqueline, Melina, Dawn Marie, Candice Michelle, and Michelle McCool. If Torrie Wilson does come back, I would love to see her become a 2x divas champion and have another amazing feud with Dawn Marie.

  • Wrestling Rich

    Bringing back Gail Kim, Melina, Maria, Mickey James, Torrie Wilson and Maryse would be best for business. With TNA failing (even Spike network realized it and chose not to renew the show) bringing their Knockouts to the WWE would be an asset

  • WWE

    Chyna, Lita, and Trish Stratus are what’s best for business! I’d love to see them back, especially Chyna!


    Melina, Kelly Kelly, Maryse, Beth Phoenix, Kharma that would be best who cares of Melina has tantrums which I don’t think she would though but still she is the best diva in my opinion. Please WWE get your divas division straight. Also for Kharma just because shes overweight look at superstars if that was the case then fire them.

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