WWE: John Morrison Officially Done with the WWE

After his injury angle on the RAW SuperShow to write him off of television, RAW Superstar John Morrison’s (John Hennigan) contract with the WWE expired on Wednesday (November 30). In a video on WWE.com, Interim RAW General Manager and Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis, in character, wished Morrison well in his future endeavors, sarcastically hoping that Morrison gets well soon and adding that he was not going to re-sign Morrison given his losing streak. This, plus Morrison’s profile being removed from the “Superstars” section of the site, signifies Morrison’s departure from the company.

There is not expected to be a formal “future endeavors” style announcement on WWE.com about his departure as the site typically only announces sudden contract releases, while Morrison’s contract expired.

John Hennigan’s WWE career began in 2002 when he, along with Matt Cappotelli, won Tough Enough III. Hennigan was then sent to OVW (WWE’s developmental territory at the time) to further his training. Hennigan made an appearance during a Bar Room Brawl at Vengeance 2003 and another during an episode of WWE Heat, where he teamed with Cappotelli in a losing effort.

On March 1, 2004, Hennigan made his official WWE debut on RAW as the apprentice and assistant of then RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff under the ring name, “Johnny Blaze”, before it was changed to “Johnny Spade” the following week. Three weeks later, a ring name was finally decided on as Hennigan became known as “Johnny Nitro”, a nod to WCW Monday Nitro. In June of that same year, Nitro was sent back to OVW with the storyline reason being given that he lost his job in a match against Eugene.

While back in OVW, Nitro was put with Joey Mercury and Melina to form the stable known as “MNM” (Mercury, Nitro, & Melina). In April of 2005, MNM made their SmackDown debut and, in their first match on SmackDown, they won the WWE Tag Team Titles from Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio. The team would rack up three reigns as WWE Tag Team Champions before being split up at Judgment Day in May of 2006, sending Nitro & Melina to RAW.

Johnny Nitro, with real-life girlfriend Melina at his side, gained quick success on RAW, winning the Intercontinental Title at Vengeance in June 2006. Nitro was then put into a feud with Jeff Hardy with the feud giving Nitro two additional reigns as the Intercontinental Champion. Later that same year, Nitro reunited with Joey Mercury to reform MNM as the newly reformed group feuded with The Hardys throughout December until Mercury was legitimately injured at Armageddon 2006. Mercury later returned from the injury as MNM once again reunited, facing The Hardys at the Royal Rumble and No Way Out in 2007 before Mercury was released from the WWE in March 2007 (though he was later rehired).

After Joey Mercury’s release, Johnny Nitro and Melina went in different directions, career-wise, as Melina was made into a contender for the Women’s Championship. During the WWE Draft in 2007, Nitro was drafted to the ECW brand, debuting for the brand on June 19. At Vengeance: Night of Champions in 2007, Nitro was called upon to replace Chris Benoit in a match against CM Punk for the vacant ECW World Championship, which Nitro won. A few weeks after winning the ECW World Title, Nitro’s name was changed to “John Morrison” and had his on-screen character tweaked to resemble legendary rock star, Jim Morrison (hence the name). Morrison eventually lost the ECW World Title to CM Punk and, shortly after the title loss, Morrison was suspended for 30 days for his first violation of the WWE Wellness Policy.

After finishing up a feud with CM Punk, Morrison was put into a tag team with The Miz and the new heel tag team of Miz & Morrison would win their first WWE Tag Team Titles from MVP & Matt Hardy. Miz & Morrison then started a popular WWE.com series called “The Dirt Sheet”, which was co-wrote by the team. After losing the tag titles to Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder in a Triple Threat Tag Match (also involving Jesse & Festus), Miz & Morrison began a feud with Cryme Tyme. As 2008 came to a close, Miz & Morrison each won two Slammy Awards for “Tag Team of the Year” and “Best WWE.com Exclusive” on December 8. One week later, Miz & Morrison defeated CM Punk & Kofi Kingston to win the World Tag Team Titles. With WrestleMania approaching in 2009, Miz & Morrison began a feud with WWE Tag Team Champions Primo & Carlito, which culminated in a Lumberjack Match at WrestleMania XXV where Primo & Carlito defeated Miz & Morrison to unify the WWE Tag Team and World Tag Team Titles.

As a part of the 2009 WWE Draft, The Miz was drafted to RAW before the tag team was split up with Miz turning on Morrison while Morrison was drafted to SmackDown two days later in the Supplemental Draft. After feuds with Shelton Benjamin and Chris Jericho, Morrison had his first World Heavyweight Title match against Jeff Hardy, but failed to win the title. On September 4, Morrison defeated Rey Mysterio to win his third Intercontinental Title. Morrison would defend the title against Superstars such as Dolph Ziggler and Eric Escobar before losing the title to Drew McIntyre at WWE TLC. After forming a team with R-Truth, facing The Hart Dynasty for the Unified WWE Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania XXVI in a losing effort, Morrison was drafted to RAW as a part of the 2010 Draft. After a fairly uneventful 2010 where he mentored Eli Cottonwood for season two of WWE NXT and was a part of a 7-on-7 Elimination Tag Match where Team WWE faced The Nexus at SummerSlam, Morrison kicked off 2011 challenging former tag team partner The Miz for the WWE Championship in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, but did not win the title.

Later in the year, the problems between Morrison and WWE management began when Morrison was placed in a 6-Person Intergender Tag Match, teaming with Trish Stratus and Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi at WrestleMania XXVII. The problems began because Morrison was less than kind to the legendary Trish Stratus due to Morrison believing that his girlfriend, Melina, should have been included in the match.

Morrison later suffered a pinched nerve in his neck and underwent surgery to repair, being put on the shelf for a while. For the majority of 2011, Morrison was still placed in Intercontinental Title and United States Title matches, but failed to win any of the titles. After girlfriend Melina was released in August, the talks began that Morrison was on his way out of the company. In his last appearance on WWE television on the November 28 edition of the RAW SuperShow, Morrison was booked in a Falls Count Anywhere Match against The Miz (ironically the same match the two faced off in for the WWE Title at the beginning of the year), where Miz assaulted the ankle of Morrison, sending him face-first into a stage piece, and planting Morrison with the Skull Crushing Finale on the steel stage, rendering Morrison unable to continue and having to be rolled out of the arena on a stretcher. In his WWE career, Morrison was a one-time ECW World Champion, three-time Intercontinental Champion, one-time World Tag Team Champion, four-time WWE Tag Team Champion, and two-time Slammy Award winner. The current rumor is that John Morrison will soon be heading to TNA, along with Melina.

What do you think of John Morrison’s departure from the WWE? Post your comments in the box below.


  • I believe that he should come back. Forget Melina she wasn’t good so she left. John morrison is so he should stay.

  • Honestly, JoMo and Melina have been two of the most innovative and charasmatic WWE personel to date. In Melina’s part, I have nothing against Trish, but every one knows she had no need to be inWM in the first place. I know the obvious excuse was to promote T.E. Bullshit!! Everyone knows that SCSA was already doing that. The painful truth is, Trish was and always had been a spotlight hogger. Ever notice no one has ever beaten her “record”? And the people that have came close(i.e Mickie James/Melina/e.t.c) have all been fired for some bullshit reason. Hell if you look back at Trish’s career with out all the flashing lights, you’d see that, Trish was almost as bad back then as Kelly Kelly is now. Botches almost ever single match, most of Trish’s career was all hype. Her moves like “Ma-trish” were hardly ever effective, she just put herself in position to get hit. And the “StratusFaction” was always botched in some way. People make her out to be the greatest woman the WWE has ever signed. May I remind you that if Lita didn’t use the ropes, Trish wouldn’t have even been a thought in out heads these days?

  • Well…f**k WWE and its supporters for making John Morrison as a jobber.

  • Are the WWE really that stupid and out of touch? In the talent stakes that are only CM Punk and Daniel Bryan that can touch Morrison. This is a disastrous move. While someone with JoMo’s skill walks away we will no doubt continue to see the dominance of such talent vacuums as Zack Ryder and Kelly Kelly. Hell even Santino f**king Marella wins regularly now.

  • linda orsbun

    I wish John all the best in the world!!! Good luck @TNA, I know you’ll be great! JOMO fan 4 life! Peace and love always John! As Jim Morrison would say “try to set the night on fire”. lol!

  • I will miss him. I won’t miss the WWE. I hope John gets in to action movies that I can then buy. I am going to save heaps of money because I won’t need to buy wrestling DVD`s to see John now. This character has been fun to watch and I wish him happiness in his future endeavours and private life. As a creative person myself, I feel he probably has a need to pursue that avenue on some level too. Good luck John. Thanks for the memories.

  • Jomosupporter

    I cried when I read this…JoMo I’m gonna miss you and I wish you good luck. It’s really sad when people don’t know what’s good. Letting Morrison go will be your biggest mistake…for crying out loud, the guy is very talented! so sad. Good luck John! you’re a star no matter what those F**king fools say. Let them make idiots like Santino, Kelly Kelly, Ryder etc stars. You are already are one. I’m gonna miss you, spider.

    • RockownsCena

      Seems like someone is a humper for this fool, he never was a star or a main eventer but just a lagger being supported till his release the way I see it as.

  • Someone

    Ok…first of all Ryder is a hard worker and he has nothing to do with JoMo.

    JoMo made a huge mistake by getting f**cked with Melina, shes a dumb b*tch and a skank.. She ruined his career.

    If he wasn’t too concerned about her venting and needs he wouldn’t have got the boot 🙂

    However…I read somewhere he is featured on the TLC ad… So I’m thinking he might get back to WWE soon, I don’t think he will go to TNA as that place sux @$$.

    He will be back to WWE…mark my words if not on TLC then sometime around WrestleMania 2012, goodluck and peace to all.

    • RockownsCena

      As of this year 2014, he’s nowhere to be seen in WWE, guess it sucks for you to not see him again huh?

  • Anthony

    Why the WWE would choose to get rid of Morrison and keep guys like Drew McIntyre or Mark Henry is completely beyond me. He is certainly not the 1st asshole to be in the WWE locker room, so that is not a good enough excuse to get rid of him. They have very few if any guys that are as talented as Morrison. I’m sure that their loss will be TNA’ s gain. I hope he does go over there, hopefully they will be smart enough to know how to use a hugh talent like Morrison.

  • XtremeJR

    Great talent, has all the charisma any brand can ask for. I kinda think aside from his recent stage performances and dealings with the higher-up’s, he is a reckless performer. Granted, I’m sure he sold alot of seats, but a good lot of the bigger crowd pleaser moves he did, are just misunderstandings waiting to happen. Players with that sort of head (Jeff Hardy being a good example) often put themselves outta the mix simply because once they execute the move, its almost completely out of their hands how it turns out. I have to believe the exec’s down to the trainers get nervous when these guys come around. Plus it’s those players that have short runs due to injury, and or other problems that don’t fit the brands profile. I’m not saying that’s JoMo’s deal, but for talents like him it’s not unheard of. If he reads these, like said above, take care, thank you for the entertainment you provided, and go bury the Rock at the box office’s lol.

  • John Morrison was an entertainer for sure. I can’t stand some of the crazies that are on WWE..send Mark Henry packing or some of the bully bullies All Morrison had to do was come out, at least he was super duper to look at! He’s too good for this fake sh*t anyway. Was so afraid he’d really get hurt. Hey wwe, EXCUSE ME, you need to get rid of VICKY…she sucks I hope John Morrison goes on to do fabulous things…maybe he will be cast in a multi million dollar contract in a movie…I would love that. Goodbye WWE!!!!

  • Chrisandfitness

    Sad loss! Such a great talent!

  • xoxh3l3nxox

    I’m really sad about this, he was amazing to watch in the ring. One of the best superstars they had has been lost 🙁

  • Luttrellmiles

    Good luck john!!!!

  • sugargal

    I think it sucks that John Morrison was let go by WWE, they should have let the Miz go and there are alot of others that need to go. It is getting to be a same old same old day in day out routine in the WWE. I am tired of Alberto and his ring announcer, and Vicki needs to go also and she needs to stop wearing those clothes that she wears, doesn’t she know how bad she looks. I wish John Morrison the best and maybe one day the WWE will realize their mistake.

  • D Con

    i thought he is and still is a show stopper. but unfortunately the wrestling world is a dog eat dog world where emotions need to be put on the back burner. i know john will and always be a show stopper i wish him the best in his endeavor.

  • RockownsCena

    I love how delusional people compare John Morrison to Shawn Michaels it’s blaphemy, they’re both different with opposite styles.

    Rock owns JoMo and Cena word up!

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