Divas Uncovered Book Review

They’re smart, they’re sexy, and they’re scantily clad. They are the divas of the WWE, and Divas Uncovered takes you under the sheets to reveal the secrets of these extraordinary women… or so they want you to believe.


Highs And Lows

This book, the latest in a long line of Diva publications, takes the females away from the furthest possible beach and shows them in an all new light. It’s safe to say that it is a glorified picture book, but unlike many of the other diva books and magazines out there, the divas find themselves more clothed than usual. Each picture is given a quote from the diva in question, providing an interesting fact or a motivational piece of advice. Considering the target audience, you could quite easily hand this to a young teenage girl and encourage her to see these women as role-models, comfortable with their beauty but acceptant of their insecurities (skip the Dawn Marie pages though. Somehow, advising your daughter not to wear pants because it makes you “wild and free” isn’t recommendable).

Equally so, for the guys there are a number of seductive quotes from the divas, which are enough to get any man wanting to be a WWE superstar right there and then. For instance, Christy Hemme accompanies her lingerie picture with a quote suggesting that she wants a man to show all of her lingerie too. It’s unfortunate that she is no longer with the company – her enthusiasm comes through quite clearly through the pictures and quotes. In fact, both Maria and Joy Giovanni also come across as adorable, respectable ladies who you just want to hug and get to know better, rather than seeing them as sex objects. Flirty but appreciative, they stomp all over the idea that the Diva Search was a failure. If only the second search had have found women like these two.

All of the divas are featured. Trish Stratus, Lita, Lillian Garcia, Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler make their presences known, and add a lot to the book with their backstage photos, as well as the obligatory posed pictures. The content can become quite boring after a while though, hammering home the same idea; the divas are hot, strong-minded, and in search of love and happiness. Sadly, there is also no nudity, and the divas become uncovered in letters and words only.

Still, it makes for a decent read, albeit not a very long one. For me, I was able to shorten the read even further by skipping the Candice Michelle pages. Whilst some may find her attractive, I sadly do not. Moreover, I find her to be annoying and sluttish, both in picture format and with her writings. Somehow, she made it onto the cover. I responded by simply keeping it back-up. A Maria (or the more recognisable Trish) would have been a better choice.

But that would mean that the book would be enticing to buy, and I don’t see why anyone would spend money on this. Short, repetitive and full of pictures that are either unsatisfying or regurgitated from previous diva shoots, there is no reason to exchange money for this book unless you are an obsessive fan/stalker or have money to burn.


Whilst good for what it is, it really isn’t much. Essentially, you’ve seen it all before. If you haven’t, you’re not missing out on much. Not a must-have by any stretch of the imagination. However, the picture of Victoria and Maria on a motorcycle should be available on Google soon. If you can’t find it, only then should you buy this book, or at the very least rip the page out and run out of the store with it.

Points: 3 / 10


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