WWE Divas – Tropical Pleasure DVD Review

If you’re a male fan of the hottest divas of the WWE, or you’re a female looking to following in the footsteps of the divas, its your lucky day, as WWE & Silvervision are releasing WWE Divas: Tropical Pleasure on Video and DVD. Watch as Trish, Lita, and Stacey as well as many more divas expose their thoughts about the WWE, as well as much, much more.


Cert: 15

Length: (VHS) 61 mins (DVD) 135 mins

The WWE divas have packed up their wrestling boots and headed over to the Bahamas for this exclusive look behind the scenes at a WWE Divas photo shoot. Follow all the women as they talk candidly about life as professional wrestlers in the WWE. The divas give their thoughts about the their co-workers, life on the road and more. If you are a fan of the divas this is your chance to get up-close and personal with some of the hottest women around.

Highs & Lows

The Video/DVD is split up into 9 chapters, a chapter for each diva, with exclusive comments and footage from each diva. Stacey Keibler, Lita, Terri, Sharmell Sullivan, Sara, Ivory, Jacqueline, Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus are the divas who feature on this Video/DVD. The best way for me to review this Video/DVD is to take each chapter one by one and give my thoughts about it, good or bad.


The first diva in this Video/DVD is Stacey Keibler, the long legged wonder talks about everything from life on the road, to her time in WCW. She firstly talks about the actual photo shoot, saying its tiring work and it is not always as nice as people may think, I bet! She then gives us her thoughts about her time in WCW, when she won the Nitro girl competition, and then when she became Miss Hancock. She talks about being a more technical wrestler and being able to wrestle properly, but I suppose everyone is entitled to their own dreams. Stacey does talk about a lot of things, and it is actually pretty interesting. This chapter is full of really, really hot footage of the Stacey in swimsuits, Bikinis and many more revealing outfits. This chapter is pretty interesting and extremely easy on the eye.


Ivory is the next diva to expose her thoughts about the WWE and her career. Again we firstly go behind the scenes on her photo shoot see she talks about what she likes doing when she is on these photo shoots. She then gives us some information about her past, her childhood, and how she lives her life as an independent single women, or as she said an “Athletic Barbie”. She talks about going to the ring and performing in front of her fans, saying that she is not as confident as people may think. Ivory then exposes her thoughts on her male co-workers, The Rock, Bob Holly, Ron Simmons, Jeff Hardy, who she says smells good, well at least he does something. This chapter gives an interesting look at probably one of the better wrestling divas in the WWE today.

Sharmell Sullivan

This former WCW Nitro girl is probably one of the more interesting divas on this Video/DVD. She talks about being a former Miss Black American and touring around the United States with the legendary American singer James Brown. She then talks about how she made the transition from being a dancer with James Brown, and then seeing WCW Nitro on television knowing that being in the wrestling world was for her. We are shown some footage of her in OVW being a manager for a team called The Suicide Blondes. This again is a pretty good chapter of the Video/DVD, and it gets you close to this former WWE diva.

Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson now talks about her life as a WWE Diva. She gives us her thoughts about loving the industry so much and how she got into the business. We see her growing up as a child and she shares her views about her not being very confident, and using sports and glamour competitions to “break out of her shell”. We see footage of her in WCW, as she talks about her family, and what they think about her being a WWE Diva. This chapter is also loaded with some really hot footage of probably one of the hottest divas in the WWE today, make sure you don’t miss a second of the footage.


Victim of Diamond Dallas Page’s stalking and wife of the Undertaker, Sara has had a lot to go through in her short time in the WWE. Making her debut in 2001, WWE fans know little about Sara, apart from her being the wife of the Undertaker. Well it all changes here, as Sara gives us her thoughts about being in the WWE. Sara talks briefly about her past, making her debut and her attitude to life. She discusses her image, and how she is a “Tomboy” and just general things. Once again this chapter is ok, it has lots of footage of Sara lying on the beach half naked, or her climbing trees half naked or her climbing rocks half naked, I’m sure the “Deadman” would approve.


A member of team-extreme and former WWE Women’s champion, Lita exposes her thoughts and body in this chapter. She talks about her thoughts of what the word “Diva” means and she talks about how it is being apart of the WWE locker room, being apart of the “guys” backstage. Some footage of her and Trish at a Dolphin centre is shown and we see Lita and Trish swimming with Dolphins. Lita then talks about her fans and what she thinks the fans see in her and why they relate to her some much. Once again this chapter was filled with pretty much the same as all the other chapters, and at this point I’m starting to get just a little bit bored with it all.


Jackie is probably one of the toughest WWE divas, and she now talks about her life in the WWE and her personal life. Firstly Jackie talks about being a sporting child, as she studied Martial Arts and many other sports. Then Jackie talks about her life in the wrestling world, she was in WCW and how in1997 her contract expired, and WCW never renewed it. She then talks about how WWE picked up her contract and her favourite moment in the company when she won the WWE Women’s Championship from Sable in 1998. Jackie goes onto talk about how the fans may perceive her wrongly, and how she is actually a nice person, I sure still wouldn’t like to receive a right hook from her. This chapter is again better than the others, Jackie talks about some interesting things, not just bikinis and thongs.


Surprisingly this was another interesting chapter. Terri talked about the usual diva stuff, but she also talked about her early wrestling memories with The Brisco Brothers and Dusty Rhodes, as she watched them as a child with her father. She then goes on to talk about her time in CNN, then working in WCW as a make ‘up girl, and then in WCW as an on screen character. As you can expect there is some really hot footage of Terri, and I can tell you this, never have I seen someone wear Coconuts up until now, but did they look good. This chapter was not what I was expecting, but it was certainly interesting.


The beautiful Trish Stratus shares her thoughts and opinions on life and the WWE now. She talks mainly about lots of girly stuff, clothes, bikinis and such like. She then goes on to talk about her life at school, then fitness modelling and then making it in the WWE. Trish then says her greatest WWE memory is the match her and Stephanie McMahon had at No Way Out 2001, which I will also say was a pretty decent match as the divas of the WWE go. This chapter is pretty much like the rest, full of really hot footage of Trish in bikinis, swimsuits and many more revealing outfits.


Well I’m not sure what I was expecting when I got this DVD, I knew it would be full of half naked divas lying around on a hot sunny paradise Island, but I never knew it would be as interesting as it was. Don’t mistake me, it is no documentary, but it does have some good interviews and opinions, and it has made me think a bit more about certain divas. If your looking for some really good wrestling and interviews, then I don’t have to tell you this Video/DVD is most certainly not for you, however if your looking for hot and scantly-clad WWE divas, then this is certainly a must. I did enjoy it to a certain extent but it did get repetitive to a point, the interviews with Jackie, Sharmell and Terri were interesting, but that’s about it. I’d just like just like to thank Silvervision.co.uk for supplying me with this DVD, and you can find all your WWE Videos/DVD’s at Silvervision.co.uk

DVD Extras

  • ’10 extra matches: Some of the best women’s matches of 2001, with matches such as Trish vs. Stephanie from No Way Out 2001, and the 6 Way match at Survivor Series 2001.
  • Federation Babe of the Year: A look at Trish Stratus being voted WWE Babe of the year, and a look at her personal website.
  • Go with Torrie Wilson & Stacy Keibler on a Raw Magazine photo shoot: Go behind the scenes with Torrie and Stacey as they go to yet another photo shoot, this time for WWE Raw magazine.

I would advise anyone buying this to get the DVD if possible, it has better quality both in sound and vision, and it also has a superb selection of extras.

Points: 5 / 10

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